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QUACKCAST 543 - Men writing women writing men writing hilariously badly

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Aug. 10, 2021

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Angela frowned in disappointment. Her boobs seemed to grimace in displeasure, nipples pulsing with abject fury. As she walked the heaviness of their bounce echoed her anger. She sat down at her desk, opened the document she had been working on and began to type.
She was halfway through her romance novel, “Pirates of pleasure”. Her boobs swelled and seemed to glow, echoing her happy mood as she worked. She typed…
“David admired his 6 foot 5 inch frame in the mirror, sweat glistened off the darkly tanned, well defined 10 pack rippling across his abdomen. Well-defined pectoral muscles bugled like fat watermelons. His perky brown nipples drew the eye like magnets. The huge bulge in his skin-tight white semi-transparent trousers pulsed with both threat and promise. Deep hazel eyes glowered beneath strong dark brows and a thick fringe of dark shaggy hair as he drank in this magnificent sight. He thought longingly of the wanton, headstrong, powerful pirate queen maiden waiting alone in his quarters…”
Angela's Boobs rose and fell excitedly with the quickness of her breath as she continued to type…

There's a fad at the moment for finding terrible examples of men writing about women. But this isn't a one way issue by any means. You can find ridiculous examples of women writing about men in any one of a billion romance novels, crappy examples of straight people writing gay people. bad versions of gay people writing straights, Binary writing non-binary, white writing black, and the reverse… Basically people writing about something they have limited personal experience with in a superficial manner and focussing on the aspects they fetishise. It generally produces silly results whoever does it.
This is what we chat about, with some side lines into things like ethnic stereotyping. Check out the weird manga samurai versions of national cultures done for the Japanese Olympic games.

This Quackcast was inspired by a newspost by our own Tantz Aerine. Maybe we should all have a go at some bad writing? The above version was great fun! I did a double layer: a man (me) writing badly about a woman writing badly about a man in a very silly, stereotypical way.

This week Gunwallace has given us a theme to The BirdBoys - creepy cyberpunk weirdness with a big, bouncy beat to move us along. Get lost in the hustle and bustle of a futuristic western crowd. Glowing lights, dark side allys, mysterious whisperings half heard from far away, chatterings in unfamiliar languages… A dry dusty techno future.

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Ozoneocean at 7:33PM, Aug. 12, 2021

I just really enjoy the ridiculous way some of these writers fetishise body parts and even give them personality traits XD

PaulEberhardt at 11:26AM, Aug. 12, 2021

There's already a contest for the worst opening paragraph, as far as I'm aware, and a contest for the flattest, most stereotyped piece of bad writing (or making a comic page to that effect) sounds like a real winner to me. We'll have to make a disclaimer, though, that it's not a fanfiction wiki so people can still tell one from the other. ;)

EssayBee at 10:06AM, Aug. 12, 2021

On a positive side, I do enjoy Adam Warren writing his female character Empowered writing and critiquing slash fanfiction in her world (which is hilarious in itself in how accurately he captures the stereotypically awful writing in certain fanfiction circles. Adverbs ahoy!)

EssayBee at 10:01AM, Aug. 12, 2021

I just read the novelization of E.T. by William Kotzwinkle, and it was just a horrible read for me. So many things wrong with that book, and the way he writes Elliott's mom is just one of them. Just think of the most stereotypical guy depiction of a bored, lonely divorcee through an early 80s lens (thus lacking some of the positive attitude shifts of the past 40 years).

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