Updates and Changes on The Last Daughter Of Gluttony

Behind the curtain
cdmalcolm1 at 5:57AM, July 22, 2022
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Next up for me is putting these page together. I have drawn a lot for these page but I never released them. Reasons were fillers or rather empty spots in the sequence of panels or pages. It’s almost done before I go back to drawing in order.

Other notes, the format I use is for webtoons. Webtoons don’t want any nudity. So during this time, I’m going to catch up by adding clothing to all the nude and start publishing to webtoons Canvas. I am going to keep the page similar to the ones here on DDComics. The nude version will stay on DDComics. However, after the nudes, I don’t plan on doing nudes after that. I don’t have time to go back and edit panels when I can just publish to all platforms.

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