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Call for Guest Comics & Art for Barkham Horror
Scott D at 8:19AM, June 5, 2020
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Hey guys, so our second chapter will be concluding on 17th July 2020, at which point we'll be going on a break until September so that my partner and I can get some more work done, both on this and another project we have in the pipeline. So, to tide things over, we're humbly putting out a call to the online webcomics community for guest art and comics. The only real rules are that they be related to Barkham Horror, family friendly (e.g., no strong language or graphic imagery), and in the case of comics, be no longer than three pages. If you'd be interested, a direct message either here or on our social media pages like Facebook and twitter, or as an attachment in an e-mail to would be ideal. Please put “Barkham Horror Guest Art” as the subject line, and include the name you'd like to be credited by, and which site (be it a comic, art page, or social media page) you'd like us to link to!

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