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Pre made backgrounds for HA Universe Use.
cdmalcolm1 at 10:28AM, July 18, 2016
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I was reading a few comics here on the duck and ran into something that just hit me. I have a really big problem with pushing out pages simply because of the back ground. There are a few backgrounds that is worth repeating. Like the halls of HA HQ, the cafeteria, the war room, and sleeping quarters. Outside backgrounds like a forest, city skylines, clouds, busy city streets. I know, i know. it don't work for all purposes but it can work if we have enough angles of the same room. It sounds like a lot to do but I figure since we are all waiting for the next pages to be complete, each of us could be creating backgrounds for HA. We just have to find a spot to place it all. We could use Dropbox or create a portfolio on Deviantart.com or even here on the duck as BG pages for HA Universe.

I'm not a fast artist and I could use all the help I could get. If I don't have to draw background, I'm all for it. It just a matter of zooming in or out and changing angles. Like, I wish there was a 3D program that we can use to create the area and save about 15 to 20 different backgrounds angles of that same area. From sky views to foot side views.

This is all something that I think would help those of us push pages out. Please don't take any offence to what I'm proposing. If you don't want to use these pre made backgrounds, you don't have to. It is certainly not required. I however would be using it if there were any.

Tell me if this is even a good idea or not. It's just an idea worth looking into.

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