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HERO: Sahir from Egypt. Shoshan given name.
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Image was created with Dynasty Warriors 8 Empire. (She will at times wear a hooded shall.)

As far as the this new heroine. Her given name is Shoshan… Her superhero name is Sahir…meaning simply migician. BUT her power don't look or even act like the ways of the traditional magician. There are 3 stones. One is implanted in the host as “earth” or ground. The other two are external stones crafted with 12 sides each. One of the stones translates to power level while the other translates to 12 different elemental powers which she must master before using it in public. The 12 powers are either
“single” use like:
“Combo” use like
frost with fire = explosive.
Electrical and fire = Radiation.
Frost and electrical = magnetics
Water and air = fog
Water and electrical = corrosion or corrosive as in acidic.
Air and electrical = storm effect
Hyper combo:
Water, air, electrical, frost, fire = mass effect. Controlling of gravitons. Gravity control.

Each combo has a strength from 1 - 12. 1 is very low energy being used. Or small use of the power. 12 over the top nearly epic damage or high energy being used.

After mastering each range for each power, she can fully control each one with no mental strain or physical Fatigue When controlling her powers. It's the stones that has these stresses of exhaust after a period of time of 12 minutes. It remains active as such as to remaining dormant for 12 minutes during “recharge”. Which is one of her weaknesses. She is still very much human and has all human like weaknesses. Her earth stone only protects her when powers are in use.

So, while writing her in stories, have fun using her random like powers. Just remember, no matter which combo happens, she is a master at its control and know how to use them. Her design and look are coming soon.
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