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The DD awards are coming. what do we got for them?
cdmalcolm1 at 10:14AM, April 11, 2016
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Its award time again and close to zero activity on HA side of town. A few questions comes to mind.

Do we have anymore art for nominations? Do we have new art for just in case we win? Are pushing new pages for HA to at least be in the spot light while the nominations are coming up? Can we do promos for the DD awards from a HA stand point? Meaning use our HA heroes to promo the awards. Do we have any other ideas that would help us get nominated again this year?

Let's brain storm for a few if we can't do any page for the current issue.
Abt_Nihil at 3:31AM, April 12, 2016
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There's no “back-up” art - any promos etc. would have to be newly created (and I'd be happy about any contributions).
cdmalcolm1 at 10:07PM, April 12, 2016
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joined: 8-21-2012
I'm not a big promo guy but I'll contribute something. If you or anyone have any idea on what I should draw let me know here.

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