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Hero, Villian And Other Power Ranking Chart Availible
cdmalcolm1 at 12:03PM, May 19, 2015
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I built a ranking system in the HUniverse Wikia if anyone care to use to show the level or rank of your character(s). Rank your characters from 0 to 8.
The list is here. Power Ranking List
Any Questions. Just ask.
Here is the category:

Energy Projection






Fighting Ability

Mental Power


irrevenant at 6:07AM, May 29, 2015
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Looks good. eight seems like a good number of levels.

The only thing I'd question at this point is automatic linking of duration and power. What level is someone who can only give off as much energy as a lightbulb but can do it indefinitely? What about someone with an energy blast that can vapourise a city but will have to rest for days afterwards?

Mental power is also a pretty broad category that encompasses everything from telekinesis to precognition to empathic control to… you name it.

It might be worth breaking up the categories into “Attributes” (Intelligence, Strength, Agility, and Durability) and making everything else either powers or skills.
For example:

Blue Jay
Intelligence: 2
Strength: 2
Agility: 3
Durability: 2
Skills and Powers
Fighting: 4
Sonic Blast: 4
Flight: 3 (when shapeshifted)

BTW, I think you said you were looking for a name for the various levels? 0-8 fits pretty nicely with the colour spectrum. A super would generally be considered the same ‘level’ as their most impressive power, though a character with a particularly wide variety of powers might be ranked a level or two higher. (I'm open to correction on the examples - they're just to start the ball rolling…)
Ultraviolet:Level 0 - trivial or no super powers. Example: Icebox.
Violet:Level 1 - powers of below-average usefulness. Example: The Ancient(?)
Level 2 - “Entry-level” powers. Example: Lash
Blue:Level 3 - Example: Roof Rat(?)
Green: Level 4 - Example: Blue Jay
Yellow: Level 5 - Example: Azumorph
Orange:Level 6 - Example: Titan, Comet Kid
Red: Level 7 - Example: Archangel(?)
Infra-red:Level 8 - god-like characters. Example: Energize.
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cdmalcolm1 at 8:51PM, June 4, 2015
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The color thing was more based on a type of spirtural plain for a character I was developing for the HUniverse.
But I do like what you have listed.

Energy lvl I think would be a 4 or a 6 I have to check. It says it there. Give of low levels of energy for long periods of time. Anything that goes to indefinitely is at level 8 no matter how weak or strong the energy. Meaning they can project until the end of time and space. The next energy question is giving off high bust of energy for a short period of time. Solarcell has this attribute. As long as there is energy (light) is around, she can bust as many times as she wants. Her recharge time is just a few seconds. In your case, “resting for days to recharge”, is the same thing only the source to recharge the individual is different or is very little to consume.

One of the reasons I didn't do attributes is things like “Sonic Blast”. Believe it or not it's is energy projection and everybody don't have sonic blast.

The mental powers are still as explained. Using ones minds to create, make, change, move and/or manipulate an object that has mass. It fall under, how long can they hold it, duration. At the particle, atomic, molecular, or Chemical, level something is happening to the object, person, place or thing. For example, If a person can make you see things with their mind they are chemically changing the proteins in that individual like a magnet to iron. Take away the magnet and the iron returns to normal. Stop using the power, the person stops seeing things. This all depends on what level of sub atomic particles they can control. The same is true when a person sees the future. They have to move, make or change something in their own mind to see the future. The person may not know it but that is what's happening. So if a person can project outside of their own body to another object with Mass or a person cannot project but can move, create manipulate ones own minds to do things like see the future is all on how far and how long they can make things happen.

irrevenant at 8:58PM, Aug. 18, 2015
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I was looking at this power ranking chart again and the more I look it, the more I like it. It's just the right level of detail.

CDMalcolm has been going through the wiki and adding rating less for various characters. He's been doing a great job based on the available information, but if you're a creator I suggest checking that you're happy with the stats for your characters.

CDMalcolm, one thing I would suggest changing is how abilities that not everyone has (for example energy projection) are handled. It's a bit weird that someone with no energy projection has Energy Projection: 1. I suggest setting no energy projection to 0 instead. That would also make power rankings interchangeable across abilities so, for example, someone with durability 6 can take a blow from someone with strength 6 or weather a blast from someone with Energy Projection: 6. That would make Energy Projection: 1 about as effective as a punch from a small child (Strength: 1).

I also suggest making special conditions like “power only lasts X long” or “needs to touch matter to use this power” separate from the actual power ranking. The main thing about ranking a power is how powerful it is and that is separate to any limitations.
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