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Samantha The Purple Machete
cdmalcolm1 at 5:41PM, March 8, 2015
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Samantha The Purple Machete. Super villain who don't speak much. She is set to “Auto”. Anyone can use her. Just don't kill her off.

She is an assassin for hire and never turned down an offer to date. She may look ordinary but her powers are very deadly. Invisible to the naked eye about two inches above her skin are blender like blades. Anyone with flesh will be cut deep. She also has a phase two where she forms a machete invisible to the naked eye throwing off her foes. Purple is her favorite color. If you are the artist and you want to show her powers, both blades are purple for the reader to see but keep in mind the person she is fighting cannot see any of it.

She is Hispanic and has a strong Spanish accent when speaking English. This is one of the reasons she does not speak very much.

How she came to be an assassin. She didn't have a very good life growing up. She was abducted as a young girl of 12 and was made to be a street walker for foreigners. That life ended quickly when her power came to life when her first customer try to rape her. Needless to say, his member was turn to shreds and he bleed out. Her pimp tried to hit her face and his hand shredded as well. She ran for dear life shredding everything she touched. She escaped and ran into man who came for pleasure himself. He was amazed at how this child cut up all these men. Some How he talked her to stay behind him. The lady of the house said she belongs to them and that she will be killed. He offered the woman $20,000 American dollars for her. He now owns little Samantha.

He treated her like his own daughter for many years and hired the best assassins to train her. In 4 years times she became one of his personal body guards. Every job he sent her out to she completed for $20,000.

When she became 20, her master was killed in a hail of gun fire during a shoot out at his private estates in Colombia. She was sent by him to kill off his greatest enemy. She succeeded. However, when she returned to his place in Colombia, everything and everyone was killed and destroyed. She ran into his house and found him alive, barely. He told her where his greatest secrets are and told her to meet a man in Ecuador. He leaves everything to her. $15 million American dollars in two different accounts.

After about 6 months of settling her affairs, she placed herself back on the killing circuit as an assassin of hire for only $20,000 per kill. No higher or lower. Failure to pay her, they then become her next target. She gives them until the end of the current month. No one can get in touch with her until either the person pays her or she kills them. The first of every month from a delinquent former employer is when she is available for hire. The $20,000 is the her way for remembering her former master who saved her from death.

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