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Other: Dark Beauty
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She was sent to the HA universe along with Solarcell. Just like Solarcell, her memories was erased. When she came to the HA universe, both her and Solarcell contracted a very tiny amount of “shard”. This changed the two personalities. Her first encounter was with Tazer. She pushed him out of the way and ran off into the forest. As she ran off, she became more confused. As this was happening, she was being watched by a villain. He eventually came out from hiding to talk to her. Just like her, he has a piece of the “shard” within him. He convinced her to follow him. They become acquaintances. This leads toward what may happen in the future of HA. Solarcell will be involved.

The “shard” within Solarcell, in the beginning made her purge her powers unwillingly. It was then removed, once discovered. She got full control of her powers again. That sent a signal to her sisters in the other universe. One of them decided to go find her.

Dark Beauty, becomes a villain and became a big threat in the HA universe. Shell, discovered that “shard” was within her and asked bombshell, for her capture. After a long battle, she was finally apprehended. The “shard” was removed and Dark Beauty regained her memory. Seeing Solarcell in the same room with all the other heroes, she starts yelling that Solarcell is the daughter of gluttony and that she is evil. She jumps towards Solarcell and grabs her by the neck. Solarcell didn't fight back, just confused. Dark Beauty asked her a few harsh questions and Solarcell responded crying stated she don't know anything. That's when Dark Beauty remembered being told that both of them will not remember anything. She let's go of Solarcell and looks at the other HA members then tells them, she will not remember. That's when she ask to talk to bombshell in private. Dark Beauty tells Bombshell everything About her, and everything about SolarCell, including SolarCell's real name, Ina. Dark Beauty also told her, that she is the natural enemy of Ina And how she became immortal to fight off Ina and her five other siblings. With at said, she told her she will retire. If Ina's becomes a threat, call her. Bombshell then gave her a comm if that day ever comes.

Bombshell tells Solarcell almost everything about her including her name. What she didn't tell her was that she is a Demi god and that Dark Beauty is immortal created to stop SolarCell's evil ways. Bombshell, uses this information as aces in her hand for the future.

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