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Taco El Gato looking for Catnip and a kitty for fun times!
CandiliciousCartoons at 12:27PM, May 9, 2014
posts: 6
joined: 4-8-2014
Taco Fluffy hasbeen stressing out after loosing his job at silly muffins, so he's looking for a fine kitty and catnip to relax and have fun for a bit before he gets the bootfrom his place of residence and into a cardboard box next to Mr. Guppie's Buger joint in the alley. Where the homeless pigeonsroam andeat the leftoversfrom theMr. Guppies kitchen.
He is a single male orange tabby.
Green eyes
3 yrs old in cat years
Body type: Long
Sign: Aries
Chinese sign: Dog
Lives in Ditz City
This is an ad for Taco Fluffy.He is conceivabably overwhelmed to post as you can see from the picture below…help him find a kitty and a catnip dealer so he can release some stress and have some happy fun time…Or a job. Yeah, Maybe a job.
Contact me. Thank you.

Picture of his profile on OK Qupid.
Issue 8! We realized Super-Taco was right! He isn't a very good super-hero! But will the Super Duper Club captured, he's all Ditz City has left to save the day! What will happen? How will this end!?
Read it and cry!

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