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shadowbladeXIII at 6:33AM, Jan. 29, 2014
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Hello folks how are we all doing here? Well I said it would be here and now, here it is. So go ahead and ask away at the questions. I'll even start it off for ya.

Q: what is zot?
A: place of second chances.
Q: no seriously, what is Zot?
A:Alright well I guess I'll start from the begining. a few years ago I had the tools to sprite at my finger tips and was trying to make my own sheet. I was looking for a place and people to collaborate with. Sadly it didn't workout the way I expected. I was working on at the time a story till my eventual cameo, however the story turned into something more. So, I changed my idea and went with it as a story. that way others can contribute to the Zaniness that was Zot.
Q:Do you concider yourself GM of this place?
A: I'm going to be straight with you, I don't have the experience to be a DM, GM or even a BM(though I do know a guy who can cast a wicked Meteor spell in Flordia, but that's not the point) I suppose you could say I'm just the keeper of the tome/silver lining of the handbook. I leave it open for many possible story arcs letting the people do as they want so long as its with the worlds setting and doesn't seem too over the top and within reason.(ex: summoning a horde of 5 million 60ft tall gummy bears to attack a city)
Q: where does this take place?
A:On, Earth/Mobius in the Sonic Plus a Castle timeline. I wanna say it was before the GUN gerbil incident we were around. how long have we been here? no one knows?(technically a year and 7 months)
Q: Why is it now NSFW? who jacked up the age raing?
A: yeha might as well get this one over with. while our writing is mostly clean when writing for Zot, we had are fair share of crazy “bone jumping” go on. some were “on the line” others went past. To make a long story short on how we jumpped a hurdle, I was hyped on enough caffine to kill a elephant and was writing for several campagins late into the night all while writing for this. the rest is history. I do plan on keeping it around, but I did decide (after DN talked with us) that if your going to do that kind of stuff and be discriptive, please but in bold a disclaimer that something is going to happen before you start.
Q:What is Doc?
A:Doc is everything right and wrong with the world. he is sanity and madness mixed into one. he can be almost anyhing someone wants him to be. In otherwords a wild card people can have fun with for anything.
Q:what the heck is Shadowblade?
A: again, a good question however at the same time too many answers are needed. So I'll try to be brief as possible without giving too much away. Shadowblade is a living contradiction to everything. his existence shouldn't be yet he is. powers to do things like tendrils are natural to him. Portals that hone in on people or places had to be learned. Despite his power, he doesn't really fight seriously anymore though(though he was close with the whole Torvek thing though taht never came to be) beliving in everyone getting a second chance.
Q: that last post was pointless. no one cares.
A: some might. some might not . its up to them.
Q: are there any future/scrapped story lines you guys had planned?
A: good question and yes. there were many stories I had planed(there were also ideas from the other contributers. though I can not say I know what they had planed) however due to everyone taking a break at the time I was going to put them into action several can never come to be.(hey we're only human) Others however can be edited for future senarios when we start back up.
Q:what is the top speed of a swallow?
A: African or European? and does it have a coconut it its tallons?
Q: are you just about done?
Q: how can I join?
A: simple really, just be clever and write. be sensable, remember that it happens within a world where anything is near possible, though that doesn't make you god or something. Otherwise, ye shall be Smited by your truly and the other cast members(if they are up for it)!
Q:what games are all in this world?
A:castlevaina, sonic, Final Fantasy(mostly IV & After Years. how else do you think I got Zot?)a bit of Bayonetta references here and there and KoF, for now.
Wow that was a pageful now to all those out there I want to hear from you. Questions, suggestions, the works. the floor is now open to anyone who wants to talk.
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SnowTheHedgehog at 3:53PM, Jan. 29, 2014
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Alright, good start, SB. Now before I throw my spices into this soup, please note that I'm currently abroad and therefore might not be able to be present at all times. So, if there are any questions/complaints towards me, please consider the answer to take a while.

With that said I'd like to thank everyone as well for that world and the story we've built up together. There were times where the mere thought about Zot forced a smile all over my face. But there's a lot of things that went horribly wrong. Let's just say that I was sometimes more than disappointed with you all. Likewise, I know very well you felt like that about me as well, for more than once I bet.

Which brings me to my first topic: Cleaning up some messes

Snow did the horrible things that he did to Val because by that time I regretted creating her and wanted her out of my system. You, SB, held on to her, and words can't describe how thankful I am for that by now.

No, I didn't create Claire to have an opportunity to “shout out my hatred at you all and get away with it” (if any of you were wondering). I just wanted to colour up the range of characters with a rogue.

There's two reasons Snow came out on top of the sparring match between him, Pico and DN. A: I wanted to show all of you how ridiculously overpowered everyone in the RP got. Snow “>Snow was being rude to Shadowblade in the beginning of the ”Go Public"-storyline because I was kinda angry. I'm not a friend of wiping the effects of such a world devastating story and returning everything to the land of sugar ‘n’ rainbows. But even though that's (IMO) wasting the potential of a plot, I realize I took it too far in that and other moments, and I'm sorry for that, everyone.

That's all I got for now (admittedly, I didn't prepare much for this moment). So on to the next topic: Recommendations

Ink: Make your hints a bit clearer. A match to light the path you want us to take is not always enough.
Pico: Stop developing new powers by the second and focus on and make something outta the one(s) you have.
Pico font-size: medium;“>

Admittedly, some of the damage we did to the RP is critical and may even seem irreversible. That's especially true in regards to the hopeless DB GT-like overpoweredness we achieved. There isn't really any enemy left that could impose a serious threat. Even if there was, this would be about the mark where the ”Oooh, I have to watch for my power output before I accidentally destroy the universe“-bullcrap starts. However, I have an idea how to avoid that and basically ”set Zot back to LV.0“. But first things first. The ”if“ must come before the ”how". That is all. *steps back from the lectern and leaves behind a deep sleeping audience*

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picosux224 at 5:06PM, Jan. 29, 2014
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uh hi everyone Pico here. first off id like to say Snow thank you for your input i honestlydont know what i typesometimes.
Q1.“whydoes Pico have so much stuff/powers?” A.i watch to much Anime and iget out of control with ideas.. im really sorry.
Q2.how did Pico find Zot? A.he followed Snow if i recall he was thinking that was Shadow
Q3.whats his relationship with Jasmine/Nene? A.again my imagination gets wild….dont judge me!
Q4.why so many assassin creed refrences? A.i love the trilogy heck i just bought black flag
Q5.why did Pico have so much adventures before finding Zot A.i believed that a confused human with no experience wouldnt of lasted long in a tower full of deamons mages robots etc.
my idea:to fix the OP problem i think their should be a acident which destroys his gadgets and most of his powers…havent figured out how yet but to clarify his signature power is aura and his demonic form
again im sorry if i had bad grammer or if what i wrote confused you.
things we should improve on:
1.maybe a slightly longer storyline would be interesting
2.involve more of the less used characters
3.less romance more action this isnt a romance novel you know
4.no breaking the 4th wall that always ruin things

and lastly id like to thank everyone for letting me be apart of this.
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shadowbladeXIII at 5:55PM, Jan. 29, 2014
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Well snow, I do say that is a lot there on the plate you just dished out here and there are a few things I will add on to it such as reasons why.

First the whole story thing every day. I admit that was not part of my plan. I origanally wanted to end it on new years day.and be done getting this thing started. However I became addicted to Zot and did not want to stop. I was having too much fun however was running out of ideas at the same time and was glad to end it.

also I admit I like to keep a fast pace going when it comes to telling stories and now that I have more free time on my hands, and have been doing so. I admit though not everything needs to go fast. It just feel it does when I run out of things to keep busy with.(cleaning, work, D
I admit my spelling isn't always the best, but hey everyone makes mistakes, plus we have an edit function for this kind of stuff.

The reason I didn't want to “go public” with Zot was to keep everything ballanced.(I had a few arcs that would have worked for that kind of thing) oh and there would have been reprecussions for doing so. Lots of deaths, false happiness, perhaps even madness.

As for “Character Sharing” I will admit I did go crazy at some points only because I

A) didn't know who was and wasn't on and off limits(such as characters like torvek)
B)wanting to move the plot faster.(again I don't like waiting and I feel that some characters that have devloped all have a right to be used in some way by the ones who helped forge them)
I apologize if I made people act out of character, or not fit in the light that the player has chosen at that time.

As for improvements I do agree that we could use some ballancing in the current situation( or better control if we decide to reboot it) and will talk about that later:
-more characters such as the 5 generals need to be seen.
-Less lust, more action
-bigger storylines(or small stoylines that at least surrond the main story)
-more jokes
-and finally a crazy over the top brawl.
As for your input, Pico, I can understand some of this points and can relate. I like anime too(and several other games)and some of the points you bring up to fix some stuff I do agree on(although I'm not sure if as a joke to have choose living over collecting flags and restoring your gear) However, I am glad you jumped on board with Zot.
Stay tuned for solutions on OP stuff and more disscussion after this.*cue the band playing everyone off*
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SnowTheHedgehog at 6:49PM, Jan. 29, 2014
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Alright that's some good start. However, I say we should wait on Ink. And DN too, if he decides to give his input. But for now I will just say that I heavily disagree with you on the basis of the number of characters. We can show own story arcs of side characters but meanwhile other plots should rest or at least take a back seat. It's already way too confusing with all the characters as it is now. I'd even say “make it a whole lot less characters”.
As for the OP problem, I as thinking an interference of the Divine Court (details will follow on a later point).
And lastly, the erotic scenes; let's keep'em. They make the merrit of the RP, at least IMO. Tune the frequency down by a great deal, but don't skip them and for the love of God, don't abandon them!
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Ink_wolf at 7:15AM, Jan. 30, 2014
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Hmmm*looks around* Im late again and most of the most important issues have already been aired. As this is a discussion of Zot, I will do my best to talk about it and some of my biggest mistakes there in.

Begin at the beginning,“ the King said, very gravely, ”and go on till you come to the end: then stop.
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Snow was the one who introduced me to this world youve created and I was undoubtedly the last one to join Zot. Although I was never the most active member I did enjoy my time here and learned a lot from the experience.
The first storyline I started was also my first big mistake; not in that I started it, but because I hadnt thought it through first. I should have realized that from the nature of things at Zot that Torveks attempted escape from Hell would not be a suitably challenging thing for the RP. Ive since come to understand that nothing is daunting or too challenging for Zot (irrelevant whether this is a good or bad thing). When I saw that things were not heading in the direction that Id wanted and the storyline that I had planned was getting chopped off at the beginning I left. I could dignify that with pretty words like I knew that you would have fun with what was set up without my interfering but the plain truth is that I didnt understand Zot and didnt feel prepared to take responsibility for what Id started.

The next time I came back was not because Id wanted to, but rather because Snow needed someone to cover for him while he was away for a bit. Thus began the Death storyline. I cant say that I have any particular regrets here except that the my idea of Deaths personality and nature seem to be at odds with pretty much everyone elses. if we were to do something like that again we should really pin down the details on a character like that before starting.

As the Death storyline came to a close and things developed more organically (for me at least) and I began to set up my smoke and mirrors. Small things like the piece of Torveks soul containing Inks True name (the contract as it were) later proved to be big developments and SB crafted a staff for Ink that was literally game-breaking. Im surprised that nobody realized the implications of the staff earlier and I did my best to play it down with Fenkrik.

Ah, Fenkrik; rest you well. So much potential washed away with you. you were a rare character; religious and disdainful of much of Zot due to the Fiends therein, yet tolerant and compassionate enough to help out when it mattered.

I should probably mention some of the things I did wrong with Torveks second coming.

-Killed of Zack in a single post
-bombed Zot destroying multiple floors
-killed Dr. Light in one post
-dropped Zot into Hell
-expected players to find a specific loophole rather than create a new one
-preformed something close to god-moding with Torvek (though almost always indirectly and through minions)
-Killed Luger in one post through direct eye contact with a Black Shuck, aka Banshire, aka Ink in full black
-made Ink essentially a God
-ended the storyline without a satisfying resolution

This was the point I wanted to up the ante see how Zot handled a serious threat. I wanted to make something fun for everyone here, but I think that its safe to say mission failure in my part.

Ive not kept up with Zot since I left but I think that there are a few things we can do going forward to make things better and minimize miscommunication.

-Post character details: name, personality, items, appearance, powers, skills, etc
-Keep in contact: talk outside of the RP and make things clear. This forum or Skype or other chat programs could work.
-slow the pace down a tad: I know I had trouble keeping up or getting any sleep when I was active on Zot.

I dont know if Zot is something we can currently repair/reform or whatever, but Im willing to give it another shot. Just dont expect more than two or three posts a day out of me.

I also feel like I need to mention how much better everyone is getting, especially Pico. Great job everyone!
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SnowTheHedgehog at 2:54PM, Jan. 30, 2014
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Well, Ink's got some points there. He however seems to have much bigger issues with his methods than I do. Honestly, the instakill of Zack and Light upset me much less than the disappointing ease of bringing them back. With Snow it was an own plot at least, although born of the need of a distraction while I was in Vienna. And my stomach hurts especially much on the thought of discussing our plots before they are displayed I mean, come on! Where is the thrill in that? Ink poking Val's eye out was a mere children's game compared to what I had Snow do to her, still I sat there for exact 31 minutes with a disbelieving expression of pure horror. I lovedit!Because it was so unexpected. Killing off main characters is indeed wrong, bur neither Zack nor Light were. We should divide characters between main and side/disposable. Allow grievous injury to the main characters, so long as it doesn't inflict permanent damage (unless the person in charge agrees after consultation), and all have to agree that the side characters are all disposable with no exception. Of course there shouldn't be a dozen dead chars per page and the intention of killing one should be ingame-wise obvious at least one post before it actually happens, but I'd say that should be pretty much it.

As to giving character details; that should be done indeed. But… Only the most basic information. Giving out large details only encourages to even extend the character hijacking. I'm not entirely against it, but it should be extremely limited. Nothing more than getting reactions out of the NPC you're in a conversation with. For example an “Mhm” or “That's what she said?”, nomaking decisions for others, noforcing chars to react on or do something out of character. So, character info, yes, but only so much that others know what one liners the char would or would not (Snow) throw in between what the other says.

Also, additionally to the division between main and disposable chars there should also be a division between PC and NPC.
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shadowbladeXIII at 10:01PM, Jan. 30, 2014
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Quite a lot to go off of…
Well ink, the staff was made for more of a means to entertain, and bring out some extra stories. didn't really think you'd use it to trancend.
As for the second coming, while I do admit there were flaws I mearly just accepted them. For example one hitting Zack. I just though you got lucky while he went to get the paper.(yes we have a news paper. I don't mention it, because its not important though it has come up during the whole going public) destroying part of Zot a real good way to bring up drama and bring it into hell actualy we got to see somone push a main character and even go as far as almost killing him. “Yuber's death” I wrote off as a shrug due to him not really being human and from another dimension. I do admit the cut for the finalle of was kind abrupt. Right there you had potential. You could really see what Zot was capable of the distruction it can bring to the land, and how crazy“Shadowblade” really is when it comes taking life on a mass scale. As for Ink becoming a god I do feel you could have done that a bit better. I say you should have kept it however let it draw out and devlope such as learning a few lessons with his powers, have a tad more conflict with Rhiannon about how he left her, even have conflict with Shadowblade himself in an all out one on one clash leaving both temporily drained and vulnerable.
As for things I did wrong along side you, I should have asked if I could have touched
Torvek(again I was in a speed writing mood and only wanted to get the plot going.)
The revenge fight with Torvek I ended mainly due to running out of Ideas(kinda had me cornered with the mind games and really I could only think of one move that could have lost the match and really didn't know how to go from there)
As for the Divine Court being a quick fix to ballance out the powers…I say nay. its too simple and while I would like to have some character conflict with them, I really want the clash between them ad Zot to be one of the last things we do. Not as a big battle but as an overall look as how far we've come and as a resolve showing what they're really like and if Shadowblade can accept waht they are, or at least give them all a chance to live out mortal lives.(you know, cause they've been doing the whole judging thing for lord knows how long. and really we don't really know if they've been slacking and/or stopped caring where they send people and what they do to them.)
onto general Agreements I do believe that stats being a good Idea as well as certain side characters being offed. However, I don't feel that just anyone at Zot can just be thrown away, I get it, Shit happens(especially at Zot andto everyone who goes in). but its kind of hard to do so. not just because we grow attached to them, but because we have to think of the ways for them to go out. I mean its kind of hard to put someone down after either wanting to see what they grow into or if They'll ever be used again for something bigger. I do say though sub catagorizing where each stands will help dearly if we go that way.
Coming up, talk on the Tower itself and how it came to be, after that characters that we want to see return, and after that, The Live action Akira movie. Only on “The Duck”.*insert logo here followed by the commericals*
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SnowTheHedgehog at 11:15PM, Jan. 30, 2014
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I know first hand that Ink's apotheposis wasn't planned right away and was his way to abort the plot. Because, seriously, it has gone to the dogs. After the tower went to hell, everything's gotten ridiculous. You, SB, chose to consciously ignore given facts, and everyone was overpowering. I mean, was that Babil Giant really really necessary?

About the Divine Court: Well, you can have your final clash with them if you want to. It was definitelynot what I came up with'em for, but oh well. Also, I don't think Zot should have a definite end. It should go on for, like, ever. That doesn't mean that they can't be the reason Zot went back to LV.0. In fact, it fits perfectly. Gives everyone a personal reason to oppose them.

Also, I did by no means say that anyonecan or should be offed. But some side characters are really not necessary. I don't see the overall purpose of Jasmine for once (sorry, Pico). Also, talking about how the tower came to be, we should take the time to answer some questions and clear up some confusion regarding our characters. So… anyone, anything?
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picosux224 at 12:53AM, Jan. 31, 2014
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uh im not intirely sure i thought i pretty much explained my character anything you need to know Snow?
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SnowTheHedgehog at 2:28AM, Jan. 31, 2014
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I'm going to assume you're referring to my comment regarding Jasmine. I know you explained what she's for. What I'm heading at is that Trigger basically met the conditions she does and could've easily been updated to achieve the same abilities she has. Having Trigger, there was no real need to come up with Jasmine. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind her being there at all. Call it my german mentality in need of a practical reason for everything.
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Ink_wolf at 5:50AM, Jan. 31, 2014
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I havent read much about Jasmine or the events after I left, but I personally think that shes worth keeping around in at least one sense or another. I do believe that her nanobots make her potentially too powerful but have yet to see them too badly abused. Maybe if she had a fixed number of them/non-replicating, and/or if they could only go so far away from Jasmine herself? Anyway, not my character.
I would like to see Deamon flushed more fully out though. Hes the only recurring Villain that I can think of in the RP (or at least antagonist) and I want to know more about him. Why does he do what he does? How did he come to be the person that he is? Does he have a soft spot, any friends? Please show me more, Pico!
Come to think of it, I think we all need a Deamon of some sort; or at least an antagonist of our own. Something that helps to shape us and motivate us; someone we cant simply destroy or forget about. I dont think that we simply need more antagonists or side character, but rather we need more fleshed out side characters and antagonists. Characters that we cannot forget about, ideas that are more than just a name and relation.
I know that Ive already said a lot, but let me just say one thing more. EVERY story is driven by conflict. Not just physical battles, but also rivalries, disagreements, overcoming deep-seated fears, addiction, depression, Bias, and finally acceptance. Complacency is boring, find something to fight!
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shadowbladeXIII at 8:52AM, Jan. 31, 2014
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Well the Giant came with came with the place really. When your offered a villan's old lair and they throw in a giant mechanical super robot from the moon 30% off, you got to take that deal. but I see what you mean by going crazy with power; summoning the heiarchy of Laguna and mixing it with Demons, metroids, random spawned enemies, and members of Zot, mking it more over the top than Deathwish 3. I want to say at some point Heaven's personal army owed Shadowblade one and are now square. Never again to be used as an ally.

Now if you mean the Divine court being the next target seeing how they are technially all powerful and could easily out do most of Zot then I can see that being a thing however the way to go about it I feel would be best, would to be indirect contact. show what they all command who they control. Who they're all willing to call forth to deal with Zot. As for reasons to go after them, Shadowblade Already has a few. Claire's situation for one, the fact they think most people deserive to go to hell(especially the world they're on) is another pressing matter. I originally wanted to put Zot on Hiatus and end with Shadowblade expresing his plans to change one world at a time and making work judging others a living hell for them as much as he can.

And as much as I want to see that, I feel that there should be one or 2 steps before that kind of conflict. Such as the council of Vampires(don't really want conflict with them but it would be interesting. and knowing our track record we can easily do something to piss them off. Accidently of course) and a what if future what if, senario where DN became the King of Vampires, driven by evil and Malice.(already that raises questions such as what made him do it? who crossesd the line? how bleak is the future? Is there someone behind his sudden change?) if done right it can be a good story.
Now as for Where Zot lies and what it is/how it came to be. Basicly its an old hideout that once belonged to Golbez(Theodore) that self destruted on itself after the Arch Fiend of Winds was killed. Shadowblade a bit before his last evil act came to this world and bought the properity to be a Military compound and personal living quaters. It would take a year for the Tower to be completed. So he did some things(found Doc, go hunting, found out an issue with Chaos Radiation, then realized what he was doing was meanlingless.) So, after destroying the multiverseal federal forces beyond repair and creating an explosive escape that killed Hundres of thousands in beween the 2 points he was jumping from and tore his body a new one causing him to reform as you see him now. he returned to what was his complex completely drained. When he woke the tower was halfway complete and already he had several forces(Steven, the 4 Fiends and Arch-Fiends, Zack ,Frank was due at the door eventually, and the metroid eggs were coming in) He kept them around due to not wanting to kill anyone(nor did he have the strength after what he did) and decied to alter the complex into somehing people can use to help others all while defending those that work.

Knowing though his money would only get him so far(and wanting to not have to spend anymore on the place) he went scouting all over the globe and searched for Volunteers. Mostly people who had a sound education and background own no their luck, looking for work along with those that knew what they were doing. He would make suggestions and partnerships with folks to grow food on rich land and cut them a profit, a contract to rent Doc out , teach others magic and needing the funds to do so, sell fine quality made medical equipment to those who were willing to Pay, and so on. Eventually, he got all that he needed, made a full recovery, and the place was pretty much complete. he met Anita, and fixed had Doc fix her mother up(and still is currently) and ran the tower making a good deal of money all around. Eventually after a year's worth od woking form the shadows, he started the amusement park and that's where you guys came in.

As for the Character himself…Shadowblade is complicated. He's proud of his all of his fights(he actually has a good deal of them recorded as his previous selves) yet he hates the many possible concequences that he brought by doing so. It also hurts him knowing that the urge to kill is still there and can be pushed to wreak havock as the others did before him. he's smart and can have good ideas however he doesn't like to run everyone's lives(yes they work for him, but he doesn't like to add anything more than that). Everything else he keeps hidden and to himself including several secrets that go with Dimension S that anyone can discover should they be willing. (in other words he'll be fleshed out more as time goes on)
I really don't have mny questions about other characters.
As for Jasmine's capabilities(seeing how I chose the body to be made of nanmachines) I can answer that off the bat for you:
-No they can not self replicate there and there are a limit that makes up her body. they can however fixed the damaged machines on her if wounded in conflict.
-Yes they have a range they have to be within, in order to give commands, or new orders(I want to say 50-75ft unless boosted by something to amplify her abilites for a bit).
-No, they cannot liquify a person from the insideout. They are meant for healing not combat.
-Yes they do have a limit to how far away they can be from her(75-100 ft at max.)
I also agree that there sould be more character conflict. Some conflicts have been put aside, others have yet to be seen. there needs to be a clever way to work back these things into the story making it more interesting.
…Long, isn't it?
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picosux224 at 10:22AM, Jan. 31, 2014
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uh lets see first Snow.you see Snow Jasminewasorignally a programbuilt into Trigger that Pico acidently activated. i agree on some accounts about the unlimited nanobots thing but that wasnt my idea to begin with she was orignally meant to be Picos maid thats it. so yes i agree Jasmine is gone

and now Ink.you brought up some interesting points you see demonicPico is a side he dosnt want to admit. a much…crazier sidehe was created from Picos inner untapped power that grew because it was unlocked plus the stronger he got the more chance of escapeing or control Picos body.
demonics first plan was to kill Pico and use his body for his own reasons but thanks to Mia he has stop those ideas for you see he secretly loved Mia as well
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shadowbladeXIII at 10:47AM, Jan. 31, 2014
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now hold up Pico, you said she was ment to be a maid, yes? yet you've seen what she can do. she played with doc and did research to copy formulas using nano machines(yes she was discovered but it took a good deal of time for even doc to notice), she has potential to be used as a recon aid, has shown she knows how to mix things just as well as you do, and has acess to the web for any form of resarch(and has tried to hack into the Shadowblade's computer during the Parents story line so geting though someone's security canbe a helpful thing on a mission). she has potential man. you just need to find where to lean her towards.
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picosux224 at 11:00AM, Jan. 31, 2014
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well alright but i still agree that we should start all over again i even have a better idea on Picos appearence he wakes up next to zot with amnesia and wonders in wanting to ask where and more importantly who he is.what do you think? i always like the storys/movies where 1 of the main characters have no idea who they are that leaves them with so much development.
Damions history:basicly he joined the templars for power and when he found Pico he thought he could use him for that goal..boy was he wrong

additional info:Damion… Damion is the type of person that wanted power so he 1 day he made a deal with some demons power for his soul and thats how he use his own aura the reason why its diffrent from Picos is because he uses it with anger not passion
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Ink_wolf at 2:58PM, Jan. 31, 2014
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By bad, Pico, when I said Deamon I meant Damion; the guy that just decides to screw your day over on a regular basis. I think I understand the Demon-Pico thing (thanks for the additional information though). Im still curious about Damion by the way.
Thanks for the history of Zot, SB. And also thanks for the info on Jasmines nano-machines. I did not know that such limitations were already in place.
I dont usually go for the amnesia situations, Pico, but I think that in your case it would work out quite well. You could make it work if you really tried.
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SnowTheHedgehog at 3:31PM, Jan. 31, 2014
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I agree with SB, Pico. As of now, Jasmine has gigantic potential as a supporting char but the idea has to have hand and foot. It needs to be thought out, there has to be a reason for the sudden loss of memories, convincing reactions to the insanity of Zot. I mean, think about it; would Shadowblade or DN or Zack or Snow look like your nice ordinary fella on first glance?

As to personal villains: I got my bases covered.
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picosux224 at 3:44PM, Jan. 31, 2014
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i was only swatting ideas on a “what if” senario but i considered that and i figured he would be freaking out which would be hilarious in my opinion
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SnowTheHedgehog at 5:02PM, Jan. 31, 2014
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Poor, poor Mia… hehe…

Anyway, there is another sore point I have to address. I mentioned the theme before, but it's time to reinforce it. Read and take the time to see and understand hints given in a post. Of course there's something like a bad hint, but is there a better example for what I mean than the infamous Ice Lord/Jams Saga where basicallyeverythingwent wrong? I mean come on, was it really so incomprehensible that with that “cold hatred feeling” Snow had he meant Jams who was locked up in a fridge? An Ice Lord? Really? And that wasn't even the bad part. In fact, it really panned out well (though it almost ended too soon) and allowed some decent character development on Val, but not only should it have been obvious the term was about Jams, but the whole battle against him was one giant ugly mess. For example when Ink stepped in, you all seemed to think he actually offed Jams. I can't have been the only one who got Ink's post right. That would be kinda sad.

Or the conversation between Doc and Claire in the first page of the forum part of the RP. I mean, it was a normal chitchat, numerous chances to save it one way or another. But the “woman” in “I don't mean to have DN whistled here (…) by the woman that tried to jump him (…)” was referring to Claire and not Doc.

I know I get stuff wrong, too. I claim English not being my mother language in my defence. Nevertheless, this appeal is toall of us: Let's try to take the time and understand the posts we read before answering them.

With that said, I want to renew my statement on the Court being a good option to reset the cast to the start. I understand your intent to set them as final bosses for a saga and not have them being actively involved with the characters before that point, but who said they have to be exactly that when setting the cast back to zero?

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shadowbladeXIII at 10:21PM, Jan. 31, 2014
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Well I do agree with that, we need to our own(and other writers) writing better.

And I agree The fight scene with Jams could have been done better.

as for Jams being dead ,Ink kinda said somewhere that he was just biding his time, and was delaying the inevitable. I found that easy to understand then. We kind of took care of Van Buran by sending a Aguni into his core. the result was a nice explosion. the clarity in itself, not so much.

Jasmine has shon she can already alter her shape if needed be, and really the body itself is just a shell, her memory(if I reacall correctly) can easily be uploaded back into Pico's arm(the one on the mantle) damage and shut down probility, a good idea. Also we can say that if machines not in range of her are in someone they are ordered to return to the host.

and I do see what your trying to say with the council. I just need more on how you plan on doing it.(that and see if we're on the same wavelegenth on this matter.)

Now, I do have an Idea to fix this and really the more I talk with you guys and go over the flaws the more I see this happening. and I'm sure its at least crossed one or more of your minds at least once: a simple updated retelling of the events up until now.

We already know what to look for can make adjustments here and there fixing things for the better.(ex: tovek's second coming, the battle aginst Jams, what to remove and add that made it unbeliveable and so on) The problem is telling the story again and keeping interest in rewriting it and having the same amount of fun doing it the first time. Sure we can do some things diffrently; Such as how Snow and Pico came to Zot, how DN Discovered it, establish backgrounds of characters eariler on a bit better, make the fight scenes seem fairly balanced giving everyone a fair ammount of display in a fight before the outcome(such as the Fight with “Liam” for example. It started out fine but then started to lean a bit too far towards one side. I felt he didn't really get to show much of the psychotic personality that drove fear into others. I also felt though Val should have been slightly more devistaed at the scene she witnessed. Still, it was a good arc overall despite the one battle and minor flaws.) All to better and show that we have improved and can continue as such with later arcs. Another thing we could suggest perhaps keeping ceratin arcs a small time span apart(say a few weeks to a month storytime wise)

That's just my thought on the matter though.
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SnowTheHedgehog at 11:33PM, Jan. 31, 2014
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Why does everyone want to reboot Zot completely from scratch? Despite the flaws in the roleplay, I look back on the majority with pride. Rather than a reboot, I thought more about a reset (now that I think about it, I didn't pay enough attention to the difference between the two words and should've been clearer about it).

I was thinking something among the lines of having all the main characters teleported to an empty white court room and the court in front of them. They say they noticed the characters' interference with the worlds' fate and how they would usually just flick a finger and wipe them from existence, but got a better idea and put the cast's power back to none (maybe even connected hell directly to the world with no borders or anything (you know, to spice things up (and to get some laughs out of Hades being inept to keep his own hordes from going rampant upon the world's populace))), and told the cast to go out there and amuse them. Or something like that.

And lastly, I got an example on LV.0 character stats. Heads up: it's a lot of numbers and lacks for an actual personality description, but it's not supposed to be/feel as technical as it looks like! It's just supposed to give a general overview of the characters' skills/weaknesses:


HP: 2/100
MP: 8/100
Attack: 2/100
Magic: 5/100
Defence: 5/100
Mag. Defence: 4/100
Knowledge*: 6/100
Skill: 8/100
Speed: 3/100
Stamina: 7/100
Reflex: 11/100
Aim: 6/100
Rage: 1/100
Luck: 1/100
Restraint: 2%

Combat: 3/10
Healing: 1/10
Tactic: 7/10

Fortress (temporarily 125% Defence)
Frost Attack
Ice I
Terror (strength increases slightly when attacking an injured enemy)
Ice addicted (damage of all ice elemental attacks increases slightly)

Elemental damage/resistance:
Fire: 50%
Ice: Absorbed
Lightning: 50%
Water: 50%
Earth/Gravity: Full
Air: 50%
Holy: 75%
Unholy: 10%
Physical: Full
Magical: Full
Debuffs: 25% success ratio

No Hammerspace

*Knowledge refers to the number of skills you can know/the pace you learn new stuff with

PS: I got info that we may get some fresh meat. Clintongamer, a fellow German I met here in New Zealand, has shown encouraging interest in our RP. Be nice to him.
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picosux224 at 1:15AM, Feb. 1, 2014
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ok i guess i,ll do mine since Snows idea makes sense

skill:9/100(9 with sword5 without it)
speed:10/100(remember he was fast to begin with)
rage:8(remember his temperXD?)

ABILITES:aurarage(boost attack every time he getshit by 10%)super speed and spell user class tactical support:has the ability
to give his friends a boost attack defense(example the times when he boosted Snows sp.attack or ice powers if you prefer)
WEAPONS:aura blade and the nano/Pico buster
elemental damage/resistance
light:-5 resistence
holy:-10 resistence
unholy:75%(also a weakness)
counter:25% success ratio
debuff:10% ratio
restrictions:all gear is destroyed except for sword and spell book.
transformations:demonic pico:only can be used once close to near death.bio pico:only if takeing the pills(which would be destroyed from them anyway)
so uh…is this good?
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SnowTheHedgehog at 2:09AM, Feb. 1, 2014
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Looks good Pico, though his MP, Magic
Optimism is like eating healthy. If you don't know any pro recipes, you're going to have a terrible time trying to pull through with it.
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picosux224 at 2:43AM, Feb. 1, 2014
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aura is life energy life energy is light so basicly yeah
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SnowTheHedgehog at 3:44AM, Feb. 1, 2014
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Ah, sorry. Misread. Also kinda drunk right now. Still, Holy & Light are both pretty much the same. Also, just to be clear, I'm going the FFXIII approach, meaning 100% magical damage combined with immunity against e.g. fire means, fire damage still does 50% damage.
Optimism is like eating healthy. If you don't know any pro recipes, you're going to have a terrible time trying to pull through with it.
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shadowbladeXIII at 6:53AM, Feb. 1, 2014
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going to be honest I don't like the sound of it and it leaves mixed feelings with me, yeha it fits how I imagine them ,and gives everyone a reason to spite them even more, but at the same time makes no sence as only a few members of the cast would need be toned down, other characters are already within reasonable limits, plus it feels like we're taking a page out of Castlevaina:SOTN's intro, and Metroid Prime 1 and 2(more 2 than one since a group of otherworldly beings are doing it, but you get my point)

As for your stat sheets they make no sense to me likely because:

A) your basing it off a game I will never in my life play and know little about(aside from the fact the 16-bit recap made the plot more entertaining)

B)I'm trying to memorize 3.5 rules and its racking my brain and making me slowly go crazy.(this reason is just a bonus though.)

Its an idea to concider and tempting, but I feel we can do better than this “The Gods Did It” approach.
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SnowTheHedgehog at 2:14PM, Feb. 1, 2014
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My dear SB, you can rest assured that I am not going to sit here, doing the math on whether or not an enemy's attack, reduced by 50% due to ATK, multiplied with a combined 250% weakness against physical and air based attacks, will be lethal to my character. And I'm not gonna roll for defence either. And if you really never played the FFs in question (a shame, really), then I think we can say we're on par, seeing how I never played D
Optimism is like eating healthy. If you don't know any pro recipes, you're going to have a terrible time trying to pull through with it.
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picosux224 at 3:30PM, Feb. 1, 2014
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well…does anyone have any other idea? cause im itching to do some writeing
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shadowbladeXIII at 4:19PM, Feb. 1, 2014
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To sum up DND its basicly the ancestor to the FF franchise. its simmilar in some ways, diffrent in others.

As far as FF games I've only played a few(FF 3, 6, 7, 4 and the After years, and FF Dissidia and Dissidia 012) only completing one(number 4 and the 2 FF fighting games mentioned) of the many. So I know some Stat things just not what would be concidered up to date.

As for the Castlevina SoTN and the 2 Metroid games, just watch the first 2 or 3 vids of a let's play of those games on youtube and you'll see what I mean.
As for Ideas for the whole “level 0” thing I did come up with one. Basicly I figure if its anyone's fault the powers of many are reseted it should be Zot's.

Pico at some point mentioned a power draining device in our writing. What if it wasn't finished and out of curiousity someone used it? the backlash could send a wave around the world affecting many heros and Villans weaking them and stripping them heavily of their abilities. Thus begining a race to restore power to those at Zot as quickly as possible.

Now there would be a few exceptions to those affected by the wave, such as those who draw their power elsewhere(Ex:vampires, Werewolves(Zack included), Morphs(MB and his recently gifted family (who I have already put limits on), the 4 Fiends and Arch Fiends, and Metroids) those who are enhanced by formulas or are in some way machines(ex Jasmine, Frank and his cyber parts, and Anita with her serum) and those who are the estranged and aren't apart of the system or stream(Ex:Doc). As for My character…well it basicly takes a lot of power to keep him going(infact he there is no real shape to him. he's technically formless. The wave would likely kill him or at least turn him into a vegetable, so I'm still working on that…)

The threats and enemies can grow alongside Zot on the surface making many of the encounters fair…however to make it interesting the wave while not affecting the heavens all that much, did rattle some chains in hell freeing some of the more dangerous threats that have previously at one point stood on par with all of us making them much more threating than the last time we encountered them.
Its just one idea I have, but its the only one as of now, that I decided to put a lot of thought into.
Never try to be the guy,otherwise everything will kill you!!!!
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