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tower of zot (NSFW)
picosux224 at 3:23PM, Sept. 9, 2017
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Pico:*Pico blushed as he rubbed the back of his head*heh.
Mia:*Mia wiped some off Pico and tried it*yeah its really good.
Pico:in that case i'll make 1 for you too!*after cleaning himself and Jill off.he tried again making sure to not make the same mistake twice* and poured it in 3 cups*hey Nene! want to try my milkshake?
Nene:sure!*as she walked into the kitchen Pico immediately gave it to her*whats in it?
Pico:lets see…milk a few berries and fruit a scoop of ice-cream blended with some ice.so don't drink it all at once you might get a brain freeze.*they all took a sip making Jill raise a eyebrow*
Jill:why does mine taste a bit different?
Pico:i added a small slice of moon melons i hope the taste isn't to random after all its hard to tell with that kind of fruit.
Jill:no i like it alot.
Pico:heh thanks sis.
DP:(whats next? you'll start your own juice bar?)
Pico:(drinks are like potions.with the right ingredients you are bound to make something.)
DP:(yeah. yeah. whatever…)
Nene:talking to yourselves?
Pico:uh heh…*Picos eyes glowed yellow showing DP was in control*
DP:*he then drank the rest of said milkshake*pretty much.
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shadowbladeXIII at 7:20PM, Sept. 14, 2017
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*at that point a knock at the door could be heard*

Mia:(I wonder who that could be?)*gets the door*

Anita:*glomp* We found it!

Mia: oh hello Anita…what did you find?

Anita: the stuff! *looks at jill* who's that?
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picosux224 at 11:38PM, Sept. 14, 2017
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Pico:that is just Jill my sister.*he then folded his arms as he smiled at Anita*ok Ann what “stuff” are you refering to here?
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shadowbladeXIII at 9:26PM, Sept. 18, 2017
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Anita:We found where all of Shadowblade's stuff was located. Let me tell you now, it is a lot. *looks to jill squinting*


Anita: you haven't been taking anything in a pill shape, have you?

Jill: No, just strange liquids.

Anita:*brightens up* ok then! *looks back to pico* but yeha we found his cube, his computer, his DVD stash…there's even things I don't think he knew he had.
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picosux224 at 3:24AM, Sept. 19, 2017
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Pico:that is quite the hull.
DP:(why is she even telling us all this?)
Pico:im honestly surprised that you could find anything that belongs to him.since Shadowblade is pretty sneaky when it comes to keeping his personal things a secret.wait things he didn't know he had? like what?
DP:(probably something crazy like a portal gun.)
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SnowTheHedgehog at 12:36AM, Sept. 24, 2017
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Sorry about the massive downtime on my end. Life seems to increasingly revolve around work. I'll post something Soon(TM) and I've also got something sweet in store for you equally Soon(TM).

UPDATE: Whew, good I slapped a (TM) to that Soon…(TM)
So, life's been busy, I've been either on work trips or sick when I wasn't… Seriously, I was literally chained to the bed this entire week, incapable of doing anything.
So have just a little more patience. Perhaps next weekend? We'll see…
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shadowbladeXIII at 11:29AM, Dec. 28, 2018
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Welp, its been 2yrs. Might as well get the elephant put out of the room. Yes, like most good things worked on, Zot as abruptly come to an end. Its a shame too as this story arc was going to be the last serious part of the narrative. Honestly when I first started this way back in college I didn't think It would draw so many close to here. and cause of it a lot of things were explored. There were a mix of times some good some bad and some even weird. However, before this ends and becomes the last post of Zot I would like to tell you all where it would have went from here.

Doc would wait till Snow would be found down there, invite him to Taco Hell, and get him 2 sinners fajitas. The two would talk for a bit before breaking out into an argument of whether or not Snow would be coming back. Argument would turn into shouting, and possible battle, with Doc leaving snow some food for thought about how he should handle his relationship and leaves back to the tower forgetting to close the portal and allow Snow to sneak out and do his own thing.

Then from there the goal would be to get the boss back and Doc would set the gate up for Dimension S. a handful of people would go there doc excluded seeing how he can not enter the abnormal space. Something about he and Shadowblade being made of the same weirdness and would cause the other constant pain or something. Anywho, the group would run into “I” aka the first shadowblade who would test the groups mettle by fighting them all. Pico would realize that he's able to channel all 3 of his beings inside the dimension and gain a new technique from the outcome. The end result would bring a newly refurbished Shadowblade from the lake for the others to carry out and vanish back to the ether till needed again.

The group comes back to find Val had gone missing due to her being a victim of what the professor had inside her and likely controled. Shadowblade knows where she went due to being able to feel a piece of himself in that area. What follows next is the battle of all battles. Zot vs mutants, Remus vs Doc, The Professor and Shadowblade have a chat before,“Liam” rears his ugly head. he reveals a Nachzehrer of his own, possibly belonging to Clare and tosses it at the two. It immediately eats Rheinheim giving it a boost due to how long his soul has been on here and now he's immortal acting as an energizer battery and battles SB. “Liam”, in the meanwhile, goes after his former student. Many try to stop the man but are stopped dead from either the fire or the blackness he's adsorbed from being in Shadowblade for so long. Eventually, he comes across a tired Doc and Val who seems to be in labor. At that point Snow shows back up and decides to finish what he's started not for her, not for zot, but for himself. The two clash as shadowblade finishes up his battle and seals the beast in a crystal. Snow finishes his duel and “Liam” tries to pull an exploding man. He fails though as enough chaos has been unleashed and the court decides to intervene. A brief discussion happens between they and SB and they leave him to this world taking “Liam” away. From there the world rebuilds, Snow is nowhere to be seen, val has a happy baby hog, and everyone lives well.

After that well, there were going to be a couple small stories. The court accidentally leaving behind a pen which allows doc to shape reality in the tower for he best dirty novel getting almost everyone he knows laid, Snow and Val would after much discussion and some angry passionate love making would try to stay together for Vincent's sake, Anita's birthday, and a small 10 years later epilogue.
So, yeha. that's what would have happened next if it were continued. I want to thank everyone who was apart of it. Snow the Hedgehog, Pico, Ink-Wolfe, DN and those who read and interacted with it. If something ever happens with this…a reboot or a comic adaptation, one can only tell. With that, I wish you all a happy new years, and remember We Are Zot!
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