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Secret Santa
dedasaur at 2:30AM, Dec. 4, 2011
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As you may know by visiting the blog:
You can get the updated version of the chapter, without the typos and fixed, for download.
I already posted the curiosities which might answer many of your questions.
I was Stinking… yeah, that too… but I was thinking… why don't we play a Secret Santa game this year?
Of course cyber Secret Santa.
It's the usual give and take.
You enroll a Secret Santa.
You make a wish and take a wish into your hands.
You make that wish come true and somebody else will grant yours in return.

So let's say: Jane enrolls and says: I can draw! And I want a Quoque/Rose fanfiction.
Another person would enroll and say: I can write that fan fiction but I want a poetry in return.
Another person would go: I can write poetry and I want a drawing of Kane.
The first person will say: cool I draw Kane for you.
Tadaaaaa. Secret Santa set in place. Everybody gets a gift. So the first thing you do is you enroll, state your skill and make a request.
I will create a table, that I will keep updating putting an X when the wish is taken.
The list to the super santa is now posted on the left column of the blog and shall be updated regularly as new people enter the game.
Here's the most recent updated list:
Wishes awaiting a Santa
1) A drawing of Cat and Callista (<— new entry)
2) A fanfic about young Martin;
3) A fanfic about how Cat and Foxy met;
4) A fanfic about Cat and Callista exchaning presents;
5) A fanfic about Kane and Josh in their young years;
Wishes with a secret santa
1) a cute Cat art;
2) A regular drawing of Cat;
3) Westley, Kes and Itzak at Christmas time;
4) A picture of the whole crew with all the couples together;
5) Castalia, Kane and Fickle reading Christmas stories;
6) A drawing of Castalia dominating Kane (it may be during a duel)
7) A drawing of a fencing, shirtless Martin;
To enroll you can email me:

or send me a private message here on DD.
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