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Strawhat crew character sheets
breakfateschain at 4:33PM, Sept. 21, 2011
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So am I the only one who thinks that the full character sheets of the Strawhat crew should be revealed, including the stats covered by dialogue, feats, and current level/classes?
Amake at 6:30AM, May 8, 2013
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I think that would get in the way of a lot of jokes and story potential with no benefit. See Order of the Stick for an example of why it works better to not have character sheets set in stone, but basically, it's not necessary for us to know these numbers and there's a significant risk that story and drama take a back seat to rules lawyering if we know them.
Also, I think covering the stats up in just the way the comic does is rather logical and pretty funny. At least by my estimations Ruffy should have several hundred points in all the physical attributes; numbers so ridiculous that there's no real way to measure them. So presenting them to the reader as unknowable is actually my favorite joke so far.

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