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usedbooks at 12:22PM, Aug. 7, 2011
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Anyone is free to join this project at any time. You do not have to be a DD member or have an actively updating comic. The only requirement is that you need something that people can draw guest art for (at least a few pages long) and the interest and ability to create guest art for others.


~ When you sign up, your name and a link to your comic will be added to the list of participants.

~ You will then, at some point in the near future, receive guest art from another participant.

~ It is now your turn to draw. Look at the participant list and pick someone who has not yet received guest art this round. You have a maximum of two weeks to complete art for them. (You don't have to say whom you picked. It can be a surprise.)

~ Send the completed work to either usedbooks or an assistant (not yet named; volunteers?)

~ If when your turn comes, all other participants have already received guest art, choose anyone you like to draw for to begin the next round.


~ If you want to be removed from the project or sit out a round, please inform me as soon as possible. You will be removed or marked as inactive and not receive guest art for the round.

~ Once you receive guest art, you will have two weeks from the time it is posted to submit art. If you require more time, please let me know.

~ If something has come up and you cannot complete your art, let me know as soon as possible, so another person can step in.

~ If the two weeks pass, and no one has heard from you and your art is not completed, a volunteer will pick up the game, and you will be banned from the next round.
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