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“Who is Mr. Smiley?” has just recently concluded here on Lite Bites. However, the dark fun isn't over yet. I wrote Mr. Smiley as an open-ended character because I wanted others to join in on the fun. That's right: the challenge is “write your own story involving Mr. Smiley”.

Since this will be your story involving the character and not mine, I'm keeping the rules a bit loose. However, I do have some guidelines below:

-Mr. Smiley is a personification of cynicism and nihilism. Whether that makes him a good or bad guy in the story is up to the discretion of the author.
-Mr. Smiley doesn't have to be the main character. He could even only make a brief one-panel appearance, but he does have to have some impact on the plot of the story.
-Mr. Smiley can die, but it must always be implied that either someone else takes up the mantle or he's not really dead. After all, Mr. Smiley is less a human and more an idea.
-Whether one wants to copy the look of the original “Who is Mr. Smiley?” story or not is up to the author. After all, that was the look I wanted, but not necessarily what another author would want to go with.
-I originally designed Mr. Smiley as a mascot to a band that never took off. To really get into the character, I'd encourage (though don't necessarily recommend) listening to some early extreme metal. Stuff like early Sodom, Bathory, HellHammer, and the like. Like I said, not really recommended if one hates that kind of music, but it helps with the character and the mood.

There is no time limit to get this done. After all, in the future I might work on some more of these myself, but I'm in no hurry to work on them and should you be.
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