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An in depth look at your favorite killers and miscreants, in illogical order:

A Cybernetically Upgraded Tactical Infiltration Entity, codename: C.U.T.I.E.

Cutie was born Chiyo Ojima, eldest daughter of a well-to-do Japanese family. As a child she excelled at gymnastics and was a brilliant student. Unknown to her or the rest of her family, her father was an accountant for the Yakuza. One day a clerical error caused her father to lose the Yakuza several billion yen, worse yet, nearly expose their operations to the government. In order to save his honor (not to mention his neck), her father was forced to give up Chiyo to the Yakuza so she could work off his debt. They trained her as a geisha, intending to use her as a high class prostitute. When she killed her first customer they concluded that perhaps she wasn't suited for that particular lifestyle. She was trained in martial arts, specifically ninjutsu. Eventually she became an assassin for the Yakuza. Chiyo excelled at it, using her geisha training to get close to her targets.

One day the Yakuza gave her a very high profile target, the CEO of Kitty Corp, Corporate Kitty. Unfortunately Kitty's influence even had footholds in the Yakuza and he was warned beforehand. Chiyo was shipped back to the Yakuza in multiple gift wrapped boxes. She was still alive, but only barely.

The Yakuza kidnapped Japan's leading cybernetic expert and set him to task joining flesh to metal. After forty surgeries and two years of agonizing physical therapy, Chiyo was whole once more. She wanted revenge for being tuned into a mechanical freak. The Yakuza informed her that Kitty Corp was sponsoring an event called “Kombat Kubs”, and Corporate Kitty was going to be one of the participants. She signed up immediately.

Her desire for revenge was cut painfully short when a fighter named Sieg Stinktier caused a feedback loop in her main power reactor. It exploded violently.

Yeah, it fuckin killed her.

Presently the Yakuza are training her younger sister to recoup the cost of building Chiyo and the remaining balance owed by her father.
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