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Cars 2, or How I learned to stop worrying and love the film.
Tiberius at 8:59PM, June 24, 2011
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It was halfway through the pre-show, when reality took hold. I looked around to my left were children, and parents. to my front were children, and parents. Behind me were children, and parents. Everywhere I looked was children, and parents. all, but to my right. there sat my friend. He was the only one I could get a hold of, who could join me on this journey. All others had fled to Pennsylvania. Was this my sight, from my eyes. How did I, an 18 year old male, arrive in a theater of children, watching previews for children's shows, accompanied by a friend twice my age?

It all began when I heard of what Pixar would make to follow up the paragon of the animation genre; Toy story 3. The movie was to be another sequel. this was a red flag. It was to be a sequel to Cars, the weakest of Pixar's films. this was another red flag. The tow Truck, Mater, was to be the lead character. A third red flag, for the collection. With three red flags against it, I was worried, I was scared.

To me Pixar was the paragon of quality story telling. The model of artistic integrity. So upon the new that they were making a sequel, based on a movie of below Pixar's average, i was afraid they were bowing down to the sequel trend. Cars, despite being the weakest of the line, was one of the most popular, and merchandised. This is the standard formula for getting a sequel made. Often quality does not matter, only merchandise, and money. Was Pixar finally going to fail? As I sat there, with my friend, surrounded by children, I would find out.

The pre-show ended, finally. 5 times it said it was ending, all but the the last were lies. The previews began. the first was of Winnie the pooh. I vowed to take my mother, a fan of Winnie the Pooh, to see this. The next was of the Muppets. I vowed to see this, as a fan of the Muppets. It seemed to be a reboot, directly tying into the original series. The final preview, I remember, Was a teaser, for Pixar's next film, “Brave”. I am excited for this film. It takes place in Scotland. The previews finished, and the film began.

Like all other Pixar films before it, I was greeted first by a short. I featured the toy story cast. I was motivated hear, by this short. if not for my eagerness to see the beloved cast, of my childhood, and my present, I may not have come. I was not disappointed.

I had come in with optimism, but in the back of my mind, but closer then comfortable, I felt I was to be witness to the falling tide. That this was the moment when looking back you would see the high mark of computer animation. That from this point onward, the water would get further, and further from that mark. It was a fear that the fire of originality, had burned out in another grand place. But I did not let these fears dissuade me. I came into this film with an open mind, with a determination that this film could be good. I was optimistic.

The movie began.
I laughed, I was amazed, I was shocked, I was intrigued I was unsurprised by somethings, surprised by others.
The movie ended.

Pixar had done it again.

Cars 2 is better then the first. It may not be their best, but it is still above the Hollywood average, and even did some things you may not expect from Pixar. Despite having an obnoxious lead, I was made to feel for him, to care what happened to him. No-one but Pixar could make me like Mater. This movie seemed hopeless, bleak, and yet it is a success

It is times like this, that make me an optimist.

Not the End

P.S. Dear, Hark
I'm not saying I told you so, because I actually agreed with you then, but…
prepare to eat your words. If bad ass, smart, suave secret agents, are a negative portrayal, then I'll recommend Larry the cable guy as ambassador.
The post apocalyptic genre- one of the most optimistic of all genres.
Because we somehow survived the end of everything, and have built a pretty nice town to boot, sometimes with pig powered electricity!
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