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Twenty-nine month update.
aquapermanence at 9:14PM, March 30, 2011
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Hey, for once I'm feeling pretty good about my progress. Confident. Energized. Productive. This “update whenever” thing seems to be working out. Now I just need more hours in the day. I've been working evenings and making sure to get plenty of sleep, but it does mean I'm seeing less of people and not getting as much done outside of work. Like… taxes. Gotta get on that.

Statistics! For maximum statis-faction.

Time elapsed since comic debut (1/1/2009): 819 days.
Pages posted: 270.
Average days per page: 3.03.

Time elapsed since start of work (10/26/2008): 886 days.
Pages planned: 503 (68.7%) (1.76 days per page)
Pages sketched: 331 (45.2%) (2.68)
Pages drawn: 294 (40.2%) (3.01)
Pages complete: 271 (37.0%) (3.27)
Pages posted: 270 (36.9%)

36 units: 16 planned, 9 drawn, 11 complete. Planning is done through chapter 15, sketches through 12. Chapter 11 is half-drawn, and chapter 10 is half-complete. The comic is 48% complete, and at this rate will take 61 months, of which 32 remain.
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