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Xiam at 8:17PM, June 12, 2008
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Okay, so I added a new category to my comic's forums. I wanted separate categories for Mel&Mac discussion, randomness, and supernatural discussion, respectively. Counting the blog forum, each one has something directly to do with the series.

This means my forum categories are technically spoilers. Unfortunately for you, YOU are seeing them out of context! HAHA!

Also, I'm starting to show up more in the main DD forums. Hooray! Look for the quirky Death avatar!

Also also - I did a random search for other Grim Reaper comics (comedy style), and while I haven't jumped into ‘em yet (saw a few neat ones), I did find Mel&Mac, haha.

Unfortunately, it seems to be rating as E. I should probably warn you guys, it’s um… it's gonna get T before the Act is over.

…Bordering on M.

All I know is, my side-bar agrees with me and says I'm T-rated already, but the thumbnail seems to say it's E. Which it's not. I've had swearing already, I'm sure the FDA or whoever judges comics would NEVER decide this was E.
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DAJB at 4:10AM, June 16, 2008
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As far as I can tell, the only way to change the age-rating on the thumbnail, is to upload a new thumbnail (or the same one again). Then it takes place automatically.

Like all changes to avatars and thumbnails, it can take a few days before the new one starts showing up. Although I understand if you upload the new thumb with a different file extension (say, .jpeg or .png instead of .jpg) that can force the change to take place more quickly.

Haven't tried it but that seems to be the consensus in the Help! How do I …? section of the main forums.
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