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Alright then.
Xiam at 9:07PM, June 14, 2008
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Since nobody's gonna use my little forum here, and I think it seems to be detracting from the ability to freakin' COMMENT ON MY COMICS, I think I'm going to disable the whole Homepage thing. Any thoughts? Anybody? Anybody at all?

…Yeah, thought not.

I thought it would be fun, but it seems I have no freakin' clue what I'm doing. D:
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DAJB at 3:57AM, June 16, 2008
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Lose it!

I got rid of the home page from my comic for the same reason. I'm sure no-one reads the “blog” spiel and although it might squeeze an extra couple of page views out of the system, it's not enough to be worth putting a barrier between the readers and the comments box.

Like you, I did ask my readers the same question and that seemed to be their view too … so it had to go!


Oh and, despite DD's indications to the contrary, the Forum continues to exist even without the home page!
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BlkKnight at 9:13PM, June 16, 2008
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Yeah, lose the homepage. It only makes it more of a pain to comment on.
That's “Dr. BlkKnight” to all of you.
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