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Corrosive Stuffs at 9:26AM, Feb. 3, 2008
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Dan: Normal guy. Kind and helpful. In a relationship with Liz. Dislikes Tod.

Jeff: Dan's best friend. More internally-conflicted than most.

Liz: Heavy-metal girl. Dan's girlfriend. Hates emos (especially Tod) and Starbucks employees.

Shelly: Protester hippie-girl.

Apples: Robot. Opinionated, brash, dry-humored. Former mascot of the Transistor Center store. Hates Shelly. Dislikes Dial. Captured by Becky; tolerates her. Annoys Matt.

Becky: Secretary girl. Peppy, cheery, diligent. In a relationship with Apples.

Sprinkles: Wizard dude. Laid-back. Likes burritos. Hates Dial.

Dial: Human-sized cellphone robot. Obnoxious. Hates Sprinkles. Enjoys bugging Matt.

Tod: Emo. Whiny, selfish. Hated by Liz.

Agent Jackson: CIA agent. Decisive, direct. Dislikes Shelly.

Matt: Transistor Center employee. Annoyed by Apples. Gets along ok with Dial.


Bitterness: Main deity. A bit laid-back. Calm, rather nice despite his name. Quite kind to Devi.

Cruelty: Another deity. Cold, calculating, direct. Tries to keep Anger under control.

Anger: Yet another deity. Wratful, rage-filled, hates everyone. Carries grudges like HELL. Does stuff just to hurt, hinder, or just plain annoy people.

Devi: A lesser deity, Bitterness's secretary. Hard-working (she's kept The Business going WAY ahead of schedule ever since she joined). Has feelings for her boss.
I… am an IDIOT.
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MechaZeep at 5:12PM, April 16, 2008
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when it comes u try to hide

mech the leader of underscore smart and highly advanced
zeep the lackey scared a lot and not to bright
d.h evil spirt whoes half of his soul was takken now he is all evil inside.
underscore the ship main computersomtimes talks.
im blue abdie abudie if i was green i would die dabide abedie im blue abadi abadie
vist el comic or somthing
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