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Steve Riley
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Steve Riley

Age- 26
Height- 6'1"
Weight- 193 lbs.

Abilities- He has no super powers. But he is an excellent marksman and can hit a target dead-on with any gun or rifle.

Likes- Action movies, baseball, heavy metal and alternative rock, vacation, warm weather, steak.

Dislikes- Captain Grobbe, golf, lawn darts (this will be explained in a future chapter), muzak, hummus.

Description- Steve Riley is a detective in the Philadelphia Police Dept. Steve was volunteered along with his partner, Luke Nordquist, to work with a the Feds to hunt down out-of-control and radical superpowered beings code named; The Unfortunate Ones. Steve is a decent guy, but has attitude has often caused him to get into trouble. Especially with his commander, Captain Grobbe. Despite his penchant for running into long streaks of bad luck and odd situations. Steve is very dependable and is a dead-eye with a handgun.

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