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Wavelength/ Brenda Royce
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Wavelength/ Brenda Royce

Age- 22
Height- 5'8"
Weight- 138 lbs.

Abilities- She can create explosive energy waves. She can either shoot the waves from her hands, or the waves can surround her. She is also an expert of hand to hand combat.

Likes- Dancing, hockey, Lost, dance music and electronica, teaching others how to fight.

Dislikes- Being reminded of her past, her current job, flying, maggots.

Brenda Royce is an SP (Superpowered Person) who is a member of the hero team that detectives Riley and Nordquist have to work with. She has the power to cause explosive waves of energy pulsating from wherever she's standing. Because the Feds don't pay the team, they have to work jobs during the day. Brenda works at the Fast Food King (A job that gives Brenda nothing but headaches).
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