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Pop Rock/ Christina Bryzanski
jgib99 at 10:11PM, March 8, 2007
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Pop Rock/ Christina Bryzanski
Age- 17
Height- 5'4"
Weight- 118 Lbs.

Abilities- She's able to form explosive rocks from dust.

Likes- Video games, playing guitar, cooking, alternative rock, making movies.
Dislikes- Having nothing to do, people that take things too seriously, school, jocks.

Tina is an SP. She has the power to create explosive rocks that are formed from dust and dirt. The force of the explosions can vary from the strength of a firecracker to the force of a powerful bomb. (It depends on the size of the rocks, the larger the rocks, the more violent the explosion). Tina is the youngest of the team and still attends high school.
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