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Kiruru at 5:46PM, Nov. 30, 2008
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well I saw a post in the General forum, called “Cool Moments” so I thought “Why not rate them?!” so here's RATE THAT COOL MOMENT!

The rules are the same as rate what their listening to. ready….steady…not go!…heheh…go!

I was sleeping once,and I have one of those old school metal fans, and its fallen so many times it rocks and makes an annoying as f clanging noise. Well to get back to the story, I was taking a snooze and it began its clanging, so still in a half asleep stupor, I grabbed a Ink pen and tossed it at the fan. It went straight like an arrow, hit the fan dead center, did two flips, and landed back in my hand,the fan, honorably pwned stopped clanging. I put the pen back on the night stand and got back to sleep.

There's my cool moment.
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soulcelshade at 6:43AM, Dec. 1, 2008
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Mine has a title.

My first cock-block.

So my family (my dad and step-family) was on vacation in Tulum, and there were two guys there. The night before, they had taken my sister and step-sister to a club, and apparently, both of my sisters had an awful time. So the next day, I'm walking back to our room with my step-brother, and we see one of the guys, the one who took my sister, walking with another girl (every time we saw him it was somebody different). So he says, “Hey!”, we say, “hey” back, and the girl says, “Who are they?”. So I say, “Oh, we're just the brothers of the girls he took out and ditched last night.” So from what I figure, he got some splainin to do.
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cool guy at 4:47AM, Dec. 13, 2008
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When I was in 5th grade(I'm in 8th now)I fought a guy that was in 6th(he's in 9th now)his name is Alexander and I won.It was a school sleep over(We stayed at school all night)and then a Pillow fight started.I was owning all of my friends then when a teacher tells us to stop someone hit me(with a pillow)then I hit them back(with the pillow)then Alexander Calls me some name(i forgot what it was) then I call him “Camel with braces”(cuz that's what he looked like).When I turn around some guy grabs my arms and Alexander punches me on the back then I punched him in the face and knocked out one of his teeth.He goes away crying and I go away slightly satisfied,but mostly pissed.
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