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How many (paying) jobs do you have?
freefall_drift at 12:22PM, Dec. 17, 2007
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I heard on the radio, how most Americans work longer hours than ever, that they have more than one job. I realized I do that. In our family, I've got a day job and a freelance art business and my partner works part time, waiting tables at night, after taking care of our son all day.

How about you all? How many jobs do you all have? (Doing web comics doesn't count. While they may be a labor of love, I was looking for the ones that make real money. Unless you ARE making real money, then go ahead and brag. )

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Phantom Penguin at 12:23PM, Dec. 17, 2007
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One, full time.
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Custard Trout at 12:24PM, Dec. 17, 2007
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I had one over summer a while ago while I was deciding what I wanted to do with my live, then I quit and went to University. I am currently a full time lazy bastard student.
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crazyninny at 12:37PM, Dec. 17, 2007
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A part time and a summer job for me.
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Emotional at 12:43PM, Dec. 17, 2007
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Custard Trout
I had one over summer a while ago while I was deciding what I wanted to do with my live, then I quit and went to University. I am currently a full time lazy bastard student.

same here, just being lazy and going to school.
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Chernobog at 1:39PM, Dec. 17, 2007
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Two. One full time and one little thing on the side.

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enjoy the process,” he added. “That whether you succeed or fail, win or
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Puff_Of_Smoke at 1:41PM, Dec. 17, 2007
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I had one a year ago. But then I realized I had Better things to do.

Basicly, I couldn't keep it up because the smell of coffee is… DIGUSTING.
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Dragonizer at 1:51PM, Dec. 17, 2007
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I have one part-time job. …Fast-food. Eeee.
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kyupol at 2:04PM, Dec. 17, 2007
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I used to work at 2 jobs. FT office clerk and PT automotive helper.

Those 2 jobs are too much. It can drive you on the brink of insanity. So yeah I'd be getting a pt job that isnt as stressful as the automotive shop.

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Whirlwynd at 3:21PM, Dec. 17, 2007
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I have one full time job. Sometimes it runs to 84-hour weeks, so I wouldn't have the time for another one x_x

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seventy2 at 4:40PM, Dec. 17, 2007
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i have 1 full time job….i have worked up to 60 hours a week….but that's only when i'm working three days a week….when i work 5 days a week…i actually only do less than 40……

figure that one out!!
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imshard at 4:47PM, Dec. 17, 2007
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1 full-time, 2 part time, and some non-paying volunteer work.
I also do some freelance computer work and build weekly projects that I sell for extra cash.
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Eirikr at 2:40PM, Dec. 18, 2007
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One. Cart attendant at Target.

It's actually not that bad.
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lastcall at 4:34PM, Dec. 18, 2007
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Like freefall_drift, I also have a full-time job as well as a freelance art business. Plug time!!! —-> Painting Pixie Designs
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Nicotine at 7:50PM, Dec. 18, 2007
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I currently have zero jobs.

I need a job, seriously.
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Adariel at 11:13PM, Dec. 18, 2007
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I have 1 full time. The workload is too much and the pay is not enough.
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dueeast at 5:26PM, Dec. 19, 2007
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I have 1 full-time job. But I have worked a part-time in addition to a full-time job in the past, particularly after my youngest son was born in late 1998. My wife stayed home to raise both our boys, and that's the way we both wanted it…and it was well worth it. Now they're older and we both work, so it's a little easier.
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cartoonprofessor at 7:37PM, Dec. 21, 2007
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I teach kids how to draw cartoons…
And I underwrite health insurance…
And I upgrade businesses' security systems…
AND I work a few days a week landscaping and gardening.
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Dark_Elf_Designs at 10:58AM, Dec. 22, 2007
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what constitutes a money making job? it may sound like a stupid question but I am wanting to know if you sepnd more money on the job than get back does it count? And is being a full time mother or father automatically disqualified as well?
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lastcall at 1:02PM, Dec. 22, 2007
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And is being a full time mother or father automatically disqualified as well?

I'm not a mother (yet)–but personally, I think that's the hardest job of all. Hell, I have a hard enough time cleaning up after my husband. It's like taking care of a puppy. (Not that he's retarded or anything…he's just messy. Not that he poops everywhere…aw, hell. You know what I mean!!)
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crocty at 4:53PM, Dec. 22, 2007
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Unless armed robbery is a job…
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mapaghimagsik at 11:07AM, Dec. 24, 2007
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One full time job here.
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mlai at 2:40PM, Dec. 25, 2007
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I want to say something about jobs vs dreams. Maybe it's an incorrect perception on my part, but I'm feeling it particularly acutely today. Prolly cuz it's Xmas.

You know how ppl take a job that's not their dream job, for money. In our case, it's taking a good paying job rather than resigning to the life of a “starving artist.” That's what I did.

Do I have a problem with my day job? No, I really like it. I'm not 1 of those movie-cliche “I hate my job” types. Because as a perfectionist personality, when I am really good at doing something, and other ppl acknowledge that about me as well, the job itself becomes a pleasure even if it's not about art. If there are other personalities here like me, you should understand what I'm saying.

So that's not the problem.

The problem starts after the job hours. As you know, your social circle often revolves around your colleagues or the ppl you meet at work. Maybe you have old dear school friends but often they move away or you move away. In my case, I can't find kindred spirits in the work circles. Sure they're good ppl, I go to their weddings and such… But they're not kindred spirits. Often it becomes a bore, or a chore.

That's why I come here, I'm sure. I've been spoiled by the internet. But the connections you find on the net only go so far. Without a physical presence, everyone here are still just ghosts to each other, in the end. Y'know? I can be with my real life friends, or I can be on the forum here, but in the end, I'm still kinda bummed at both places. It's either spiritual distance, or physical distance. Both equally isolating.

That's when you realize, if you had become a “starving artist,” going to art school, making artist friends, well… that's when you'd find your kindred spirits, at work or after work. That's what you didn't consider, when you first said to yourself “I'm ok with having a non-art day job… I can always draw as a hobby after work.”

I just wish that everyone who comes here all live in the same city. Same town, even. That'd be awesome.

I've been wearing blue this whole day.

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PyThomas at 11:29AM, Dec. 26, 2007
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Currently I have two: One full-time typesetting job (that's way below my skill level) at a map printing place, and a part-time job at Dollar General.
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jimmy_genocide at 11:34AM, Dec. 26, 2007
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i would probably be the person on this thread with like 5 jobs all being jumbled up, but since i lost my last job finding a new one has been rather hard i had to sink to the degrading life of a full time fry-man- at mcdonalds. getting a good job is no easy task

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skoolmunkee at 3:25PM, Dec. 26, 2007
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Most of my life I've had two or more. I had to go to England to get a job that pays enough and has nice enough benefits so I didn't need a second one :)
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worstcase at 8:14PM, Dec. 30, 2007
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one, I record weddings at my church. Its pretty spiffy.
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alexhatzia at 10:54PM, Dec. 30, 2007
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i have a job at the gap which was just revealed to me today as a “seasonal job” so my last day is the 22nd. this really sucks cuz i have to go out and apply for another job. any suggestions?

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Croi Dhubh at 9:32AM, Dec. 31, 2007
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I have one, and it's family business. Hope to have two here REALLY soon
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artcurmudgeon at 7:15PM, Dec. 31, 2007
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3 full time jobs..

Job 1-I am an area manager for a company that has dvd rental kiosks(no not red box, red box is the devil). I cover a territory that covers parts of missouri, illinois, and indiana.
Job 2-I am a computer contractor, I am one of those people who gets work off of websites like
Job 3-I am a parent…nuff said.

I work 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sleep? I dont need no stinking sleep.
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