Meet, Greet, Show and Sell*

Hiya! Em here!
Emma_Clare at 4:51AM, July 8, 2006
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yeah…so Im saying hi! Pleased to meet ur aquaintance…

Puppets and Strings

for those whom dont know me…but please…I'd like to make some new friends!
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Comicmasta at 8:21AM, July 8, 2006
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Hi Emma, hope you have a good time at drunk duck ^-^. And if you find me writing words like aedfkl;mae sk;tj THEN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CALL THE POLICE IM HAVING A SEIZURE FROM PLAYING THAT BANG YOUR HEAD ON THE KEYBOARD GAME TOO MUCH……… anyways Hi ^-^
i have been brought back….The Boanitia..grrrrr…..Must find Super Jesus!!!!!
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