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A DELICIOUS way to promote Drunk Duck.
MrGranger at 8:32AM, Jan. 18, 2007
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Have you been to yet? It's a site that you can save your favorites and share with others. And if you get enough people to share your drunk duck comic it will get you some notice. The main page is already on…but not a lot of you are signing up. Other webcomics are using this to their advantage…why shouldn't we?

And if I may…would you please help me get listed. I'm not even showing on link. :(

If I could get an add for one of my comics here on DD I'd be ever so grateful.

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herio at 4:17PM, Jan. 21, 2007
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fasnatieng seems like a use less thing but maby your right i migt get some fans out of it good work

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BigFishComic at 7:50PM, Jan. 21, 2007
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…if you're going to try delicious, you might as well try Digg, Furl, Techno and all those other random sites.

personally, I don't think most site submissions are worth the effort aside from a select few…such as tapestrycomics and the main comic directories and search engines.
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Terminal at 8:50PM, Jan. 21, 2007
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I love using
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