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Harkovast- the forum

Here I will be explaining some of the concepts and back story behind Harkovast. You can consider this “bonus material”, not essential to enjoying Harkovast, but things fans might be interested to learn.
Also if anyone has any questions or opinions about the comic, you can voice them here.


Harkovast- Art

Here is a section for additional art work (including some excellent fan art you can enjoy).I'm putting maps here as well, so we can all feel very organised!


Harkovast- What can YOU do to help?

Some ideas for dedicated Harko-fans.


Random Nonsense

Here is a section for any other stuff anyone wants talk/argue about that does not relate to Harkovast.You can even plug your comic here if you really want. Can't guarantee it will get you any hits from anyone beside me though!
BONUS-This section now includes incredibly angry, fouled mouthed reviews of movies I hate! Woohoo!


The Ultimate Harko-Quiz!

Here you can look at the results and answers to the last Ultimate Harko-Quiz.


A Word With Mrs Vast

Tired of reading me waxing lyrical about the state of the world? Well it is time for the other person behind Harkovast to tell it how it is! This section is entirely for Mrs Vast to express her views on things, all the words are hers, so don't ask me!


Batman: The Animated Series

One of my great loves has always been this truly fantastic cartoon series. So I've decided to devote a section of my forum to talking about it. And why not?


Character Guide

To help everyone stay up to speed on Harkovast, I'm creating to guide to all of the note worthy characters featured so far.


Hall of Shame

Do you hate Harkovast? Sure ya do! So why not join me in checking out some of the HORRIFICALLY bad reviews the comic has recieved so far?


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