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RIP Cats

On thursday, some guy decided to shoot two of our cats for \“killing his birds.\” We live out in the country, and the guy across the street has a large field that he keeps two bird houses and a large garden. On the other side is the corn field that our cats have been hunting field mice in for ten years.\r\n\r\nA couple months ago, we find one of our cats dead. In a state of decomposition so bad, we could barely make out a bullethole. Then on Thursday, we found the other one not as decomposed, and with a more clear bullethole. The only house we live close enough to where they could have come from, the only person that has a beef with cats and a gun, is the guy across the street.\r\n\r\nSince it\'s illegal to shoot a domesticated animal that doesn\'t pose an immediate threat to you or your property, and since wild birds can\'t be declared as his property, charges will be pressed as soon as possible.


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