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Ariosu Sa Kaze/Landon Ray Skully

It\'s very confusing, yes, I know. xD but Landon used to be known as Ariosu, who used to be known as Landon…….omg. I\'m not making it much easier.\r\nOkay.\r\nSo yeah, there\'s this group of guys who are after Landon and his family. They killed Landon\'s parents, and they thought he was dead. But he escaped, and that group of guys found out, so they chased after him to try and finish him off. But Landon changed his name to Ariosu, so they wouldn\'t find him. THey were too smart, and they blew up his school….*snerk* (a little bit of symbolism, no?) and so him, Sazina and Logan ran off. \r\nBut Sazina\'s real name is Elliria. When she was four, a woman who knew what was going to happen kidnapped Ellie when she was little. She wanted to protect Ellie and….stuff. So she renamed Ellie Sazina.\r\n\r\nAnd Logan\'s real name IS Logan. xD


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