#250: farewell to drunkduck

dgriff13 on April 6, 2009

This is it, folks. But only on drunkduck, as I am perfectly available to all of you at my main site. One place, for all of your Z&F goodness! http://www.zfcomics.com

I truly and wholly appreciate all the support here, from all of my readers, fans, admins, the community as a whole. Drunkduck opened my mind to what a webcomic could be, what changes this world- this medium, is going through, and what I have open to me as a cartoonist. And truth is, it's wide open, folks. It opened my world from my little wood paneled room at my parents' house where in High School I would slave away making comics day in and day out, just to share them with my family and with syndicates (who sent such “lovely” rejections letters in response). Regardless if I'm making a living off of my art, I still get to share it with a wide audience, right at my fingertips. I hope drunkduck has had the same effect on all of you as well.

I'll be around, keeping up with your terrific work. I hope you'll come visit me as well!