Still on hiatus -- but for a good reason

usedbooks on April 29, 2023

I have been on unofficial hiatus for a while to deal with some depression and general disinterest. But now I am on OFFICIAL hiatus because my blah state met a fast end with a job offer! (Not just a job, but a full-time, permanent job – after 14 years of seasonal work.) Now my ability to webcomic is hampered by trying to sell my home and move to another state. I packed all my webcomic stuff including all my scripts in an overzealous “decluttering” spree to list my house, so Used Books cannot continue until I settle in my new home that I currently don't have. My new job is set to begin in June.

I have been working on short stories that can be found at Echoes. I will be able to continue this throughout the hiatus since it doesn't call for as much in the creation process, and my stories are all on the computer. So, if you like my story-telling, you can check that out.

Obviously, I will not be participating even a little in the Drunk Duck Awards this year, but it's a great project, so check it out. (Pretty sure UB has been so long without an update it's not eligible.)