Liaoriao on Sept. 10, 2007

I read… What, three, four Kingdom Hearts comics today? All of which portrayed Sora as an idiot not knowing left from up and black from electric pink. Ugh. However, this comic does follow an AkuRoku stereotype… Aswell as Marluxia being gay, though most the time here he isn't shown as being gay.

So think people. Before you click that ‘ADD NEW PAGE’ button. How much of a stereotype is your comic? Thanks for reading.

In other news, SCHOOL IS A RUTHLESS SON OF A BITCH! …However, I've had my fair share of fun… ‘Bow-chicka-wow-wow’. ;)

Keep on smilin'! ^_^
(If theres a spelling error or something, don't bitch to me about it. PQ me. I'm honestly too tired after school now-a-days to care if you complain on my comic. PQ me instead. Thankies. :3)