#139 - Confrontation

Twin on March 21, 2008

Nothing to say. Headache. Lots of work to do. Hate everything.

EDIT: Just to give you all an idea of why I don't update every time.

- University all day Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoon (14hrs)
- Readings, work, and lab time for university stuff (6hrs)
- Screencap adventures (3hrs/week)
- RP and forum responsiblities (various hours/week, but never less than 5hrs)
- Job hunting (various hours)
(And as an addendum, actually FINDING somewhere that wants my apparently worthless ass: 10-20hrs/week)
- This comic (4hrs)

Not to mention housework, travel time, and the fact that I am sick to the teeth of making sprite comics.

So, yeah. Now you know.