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Ryjia on April 27, 2014

I'm so sorry, I had another project I needed to finish first. Now that that's over and done with I got to finish this page (and thus this chapter). However you probably have to wait a while to get a new page. I want to prepare the pages as much as I can before I start posting and I also want to finish a chapter of Ad Humanae first.

Here's the result of the last poll:

A minute with the boss?
A) You too Tom. No votes.
B) In private.
C) Just put it out here, Drake! No votes.
Thank you for voting.

So, I private conversation. Not even Tom knows what's going on yet.

Next chapter:
A) Is about a hostage situation.
B) Is about a couple of protesters.
C) Is about -insert your idea here-.

Your vote can can change where this story is going, please vote by commenting A, B or C below!

(Also keep in mind that I have mirrors of this comic, so there may be more votes than appear on this page.)