Grapple Man's Stage: Tornado's Still in Trouble

Ndraxian Zero on June 15, 2011

Grapple's really not interested in beating an opponent that stands no chance.

Well, Sorry again for the delay. I'd love to I'd managed to make a buffer but… Alas I have not. Just know I'm still trucking along and the next one will come.

Delay reasons: First up, To be honest, I really have no clue how this fight show have gone. It doesn't help that my only real knowledge of grappling comes from backdrop Kirby. Add to the fact throws require poses far different from the normal ones (Back views, crazy side views, can't just change a few parts of a the sprite, nearly have to resprite the whole THing)

Next biggest reason: Animal crossing: City Folk is an ass. Seriously. WHo's bright idea was it to make it THAT dependant on real time. Night/day hour, even week events, fine thats okay. But when taking a day off results in so much backwards progress.. UGH. >.< Compound that with the fact it takes 2 bloody hours for a town maintanance sweep, AND the game punishes you when IT errors. Then throw in the fact the store upgraded itself to the point it gets crappy hours.
Now if I wasn't a partial completionist, put so many hours into it, and the game was excellent otherwise, I'd probably just stop playing. But I want to see what the game has to offer. SO it stupidly eats up my time for very little progress.

Then there is Terraria. Which is AWESOME. And eats up my time by being a hybrid of Minecraft, Legend of Zelda, Dwarf Fortress and Castlevania. Can't complain about that though. I'm building a fortress with it.

I still have enough time to make comics if I decide to not play and give minimal maintaince to Animal Crossing, so I should be able to make a comic inbetween making comics for the WST.