A slight page experiment

Ndraxian Zero on Nov. 2, 2011

It's been too long. So I'm considering trying something new. Namely making the quick bottom panels a teaser upload and then replacing them with a full page later on, should things get delayed in the amounts they usually do. Don't know if the duck is going to let me. But if my audience thinks this could begood idea, I might just make the teasers in a stylish way (like this black and white and red version of what will be full color later) and upload the finished page as a separate page later. I really hope the duck with cooperate though, as if I delete a page I lose comments from my readers (which are IMPORTANT) and if I don't I have a filler between each page.
AND… It just occured to me I normally like to comment about the page in comic, rather than background type stuff. Anyways, there's things revealed in this update, see if you can figure it out.