Later days The final page.

Dreamweaver on March 22, 2010

Well here we are guys the comic is over. Now before you start complaining and asking why it's simple the comic is getting a reboot. I had a lot of fun and this time I plan to get it right and for a restart it will follow the old story to an extent of the first arc and then go hopefully in the right way I wanted it to in the first place I've learned from my mistakes this time and I won't have so many fillers not many if at all save for artwork I do. I will update one day at a time but when I do update know for the next 7 days you will have a solid week of pages. So if you want more Lost boys action check out my new comic The sword and me and yes I realize that it's spelled wrong it's suppose to be you'll understand why later. So go look it up why don't you?

Anyway here are some changes I plan on doing to the new comic.

Less plot characters: Working with less characters means more character development something I have been told I lacked in this comic.

More Villains and or more villain attacks: When the villains come into the comic they will be more relevant and dangerous this time.

More fan OC insertions: To everyone that has sent me sprites or a PQ about wanting to join my comic I am sorry I haven't answered them yet life has been getting away from me lately but this fresh start is exactly what I needed if you want to see your character in the comic I'll be more then happy to put them in somewhere.

Mystery plot: I got a big idea for the new comic but keep on your toes and don't stop reading over this just yet. With the help of my friends their will be some references to the old comic in the new one so at times it will be best if you have both comics open.

Now some things that will say the same:

Sonic characters: What's a sonic based comic without Sonic and his friends? Please note the following are no longer main stay characters. Tails Cream Blaze Rouge and… Shadow maybe.

Text boxes: I don't care what people say I like the text boxes it may be a sign of sloppiness but I lack the finesse to draw text bubbles so the text boxes stop. However I will try to do this at the end of any pages comments I will tell you which person the text boxes belong to if you can't figure it out so there are no mix ups as always the speaking order is always in descending order.

4 panel comics: Except for a few double or special comics I will continue to use my 4 panel lay out until further notice.

Return of OCs: Some but not all my OCs will return they were part of the problem of having to many around. Those returning are Anthony Titan and Midnight for the first chapter and sparky in the second or third. Then after awhile Tina will come in and possibly Eve but she may be delayed a bit. (I plan to bring Tina in later then I did the first time to help develop titan's character a bit more first.) Then after that Crystal and that should be it for OC's all together or the main stay ones at least I may have Sparky and Crystal come and go like they did in the first comic. Basically I'm going to try and cut back on OC's this time good luck with that I should say to myself.

Plot: Yes the plot is returning but this time I'm going to plan it out this time heh can you believe all 724 pages I made was all off the top of my head? Well either way I will plan it out. I'm going to do it right this time guys and I need your help later days guys lets make this comic even better the second time around! (Also for those that do the comment wars it's shifting to the new comic once it's ready to go so keep that in mind and don't post here anymore.)