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Pokkon on June 25, 2010

wow, it's been…months. i deleted pretty much everything and uh, i'm kinda trying to get back into comics. HI OLD FRIENDS. HI PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW ME. yeah.

here, i have a crappy plot summary of this thing for you guys.
'In 2753, money is more important than ever before. 21-year-old Will has outstanding exam results and is *that* close to graduation– until he is forced to leave school because he can't pay for its fees anymore. To save his potential career, he is sent to the only public school left in the US - Sunday School.
Too bad it's not about lessons at all. It's a game made up by the mad principal. And getting an F grants you a free trip to hell.'

now go and tell me what *you* have been up to. i need some comics in my faves XD