In Media Res (Book 1), Canto II, "Air's Siren Song," Page 12

Bubbles on June 8, 2007

It seems the problems never cease for me. As soon as finals ended, I started work on a new page only to have my laptop completely die on me. Since I'm currently in starving artist mode, I don't have the money to fix it at the moment and won't until I start working later this month. As you can see, the current comic is neither drawn on the computer as most of the comics I've worked on in the past four years have been nor is it in any way toned. Now, I could consider trying my hand at some greyscale markers I picked up last quarter if people are really in dire need of some simple tones. Anyway, I would like to try to get back into a groove, even if it means drawing out each page by hand as I've done here.