Mega Greg on Aug. 19, 2008

Heroes are always saving the world/day from villains. When it comes to stealing candy from babies to death rays, their plans are always flaunted by the hero. Now let's take it from the other way around; instead of the hero's story, let's take a look at a villain's story.
Meet Dr. Metalix, CEO of an evil underground corporation, Metallic Inc. Co. He sells anything a villain needs: Robots, Laser Guns, Turret Secrurity, many other things. Being underground, nobody knows that he is the richest villain in the world (About 35% of that money is stolen). Being part of the dark side, he too plans to take over the world. And so today begins his story.

So I've already got like nine other issues goining on (As I type, the tenth one is almost complete). Different storylines feature in episodes, which may take up to twenty-five issues. I might as well put the first one up later today. All issues will be eight panels long and nothing else. There might be a few more or less panels, but maybe for other reasons.
So I've almost five other comics going on, and two of haven't updated in weeks (While another one haven't updated since March and still waiting for it to be done). Seeing this one and NEC are already been planned ahead, I'll try to work on my other two as soon as possible.

Be sure to check out the first issue coming up later today.