700 Pages!

Niccea on June 22, 2011

What the hell have we been doing for the past 2 1/2 years? Playing mafia. That's what.

Officially, this is the end of this comic (couldn't let it go without reaching 700). Salsa said he might have some more artwork from the last game, so there might be some more added later.

From now on, you can catch all the same game action at The New Drunk Duck Mafia.

Like hell I'd change to name to The Duck Mafia. What the frak is a Duck Mafia? Them Ducks need their booze or jninjashadow would go out of business.

I'm sorry that I couldn't fit everyone on this page. I just drew as many as I could until I ran out of feasible room. You want to be included, make your own 700th page.