Issue 01purple - Page 17

JustNoPoint on Aug. 11, 2015

Made it on time! Guys, I'm not sure this looks like surveying structurally sound buildings! So here we are. For anyone that read Prologue this is probably a fairly large reveal and may explain some of the personalities Sally's dad has shown! I think there may be more to daddy than his family knows!

Also Mote is definitely one of the more animated agents I'm sure.

Discussion point for this page: Reveals! How long have some of you other authors had to wait? And readers, how do we maintain such patience? :P I didn't really think of a good discussion point. I mean I doubt this is even a very big reveal to most of you. Much more for me LOL
It's not like I've done things to make Sally's dad a big edge of your seat cliff hanger. But I'd still like to hear your thoughts =D