Issue 00 - Epilogue

JustNoPoint on May 30, 2013

Welcome to the rebooted Devon Legacy Proper. After way too much happened in my real life combined with a massive writer's block I'm finally trying to do this for reals. Till I get back in the groove I am hoping to at least make 1 page a week.
As mentioned, a writer's block was a huge part of me not moving forward. I learned so much about story telling and what I like to see in stories while making Prologue that I outgrew the original story Proper's idea. I upgraded it but then it made some things conflict with a few established foreshadowings I'd made in Prologue.

So now here we are with Epilogue. I don't want to give a lot away for it yet. Just know that it isn't it's own series and is only 1 issue :P

So, no. We're not about to go through another Prologue. Sorry there isn't much to show for the cover. I hope you enjoy. And if you already finished reading the Prologue then there will be some nice treats in here for you!