108. Ear Bugs

antcomics on Feb. 2, 2014

WHOA! That's right, pinch yourself you are not dreaming. It's actually another page! So soon! I don't know, I've been feeling extra-inspired
lately, and the story is about to pick up again. I feel so un-slacker-ish!

So here ‘tis! I wonder how long it will take to convince Freddie there are not bugs in his ears. You know him, the more he thinks about it, the more convinced he will become. And the crying will begin…

Note: my navigation buttons are screwed up, no idea why, so sorry about that. I can’t figure it out. My pages on here are all screwed up now, the backgrounds are gone too. I'm giving up on DD all together. I've had it with this glitchy site. I hate to go, but I have found a better, more reliable place to post my comics.

I will continue to post the comics at http://compozerz.thecomicseries.com/