Hello, World...? Or, Sticko's Modern Life: Static Cube #17. Or, THE END (For Realsies This Time).

Pieguy259 on July 15, 2022

And so, exactly 15 years and 445 pages after it began, Stickman and Cube ends the only way it could have: crudely drawn and after stupidly long hiatuses.

I did mean what I said, way back on page #11 of what has become, amusingly enough, this comic's longest storyline: I wanted to give a proper send-off to the comic and the characters that were part of my life for a good five years, through high school and university. Hopefully, dragging Stickman and Cube kicking and screaming (not pictured) into the 2020s, and then back to the halcyon days of 2007, has accomplished just that.

So, to all my old fans who may have come back to check up on this comic for some reason: hey, great to see you again. Thanks for remembering us.

To all the new readers who came to check out this comic for some reason: hey, welcome, this is actually the last page despite outward appearances, so if you feel like reading another 444 pages of basically just this, you'll wanna smash that First Page button up there.

And to Stickman and Cube, my two protagonists, who have finally received their proper end by going back to their beginning, I have only this to say:

I'm not paying you this time around, either.