The Adventure Continues

SoulSymph on Oct. 11, 2013

Here's a link to continue reading Soul Symphony on the very page we left off on here:
Yes, unfortunately I'm going to be moving away from DD/The Duck. The main site is too far ahead, and the big crash kind've forced my hand. I don't want readers to feel that they're being left out because DD crashes, or is behind the main site.
Part of the reason I stuck around DD was because I know some of you read it on here, and I love coming here and reading your comments. Truly, if I didn't think you guys were here and cared about SS, I'd have stopped updating a long time ago.
But now I urge you all to hop on over the main site. I think you'll like it, and there's a less empty comments section you can just jump into.
By the way, I suggest avoiding the main page of the site until you've caught up, if you're worried about spoilers.
Thank you for continuing this journey with me! I really really appreciate it. See ya there!