Chapter 3 page 24

j giar on Feb. 25, 2009

I'll try and explain this so it makes sense…or at least a little sense.
I'm still without my main desktop…my life support. All pages, all artwork are on it. Since posting last week I've managed to get it functional to where I can remove the important files in case of crashing.
And speaking of crashing…that brings me to this.
I'm stepping away from SoulDriver for a while. No stories….no half-assed lame reasoning's. I can only sum it up by saying that I suffer from some form of artistic depression. I've become increasingly aware of my shortcomings as an artist. Enough so that I've gotten to a point that any thing I do, any piece I create feels, as I've been describing, mediocre. To describe it better, someone on another site mentioned that to gauge where you're at, compare your work to any artist you may admire. Measure it up and see where your at. Well I've done that and I'm not satisfied where I'm at. This doesn't mean I'm quitting or throwing in the towel. What it means is that I'm going on a quest. To become a better artist, a better storyteller. I will be going back for some classes to help me in areas I feel I lack in. And to pave the way for my future as an artist.
There are pages coming up, that at my current level of abilities will fall short of what I want and what the story deserves. And when it comes down to it it's always about the story.
I'm grateful to those of you that have followed along and unfortunately I can't say when I'll post again. I have no crystal ball or magical way of knowing when I'll reach that point.
So that being said this page will end chapter 3. A fitting end and a premonition of the future.
You can reach me at here or on
And a few of you have my email…I'll still drop by here to read some of the wonderful examples of storytelling on here. Until I'm ready to come back and finish this. Thanks to all again. Jim Giar